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Default StarMOBILE tool firmware and Desktop Client download location

StarMOBILE's Desktop Client and hand held scan tool are designed to work with North American vehicles like the 2007+ NAFTA Sprinters (Chrysler body style "VB").

If you own a non-NAFTA product, or if you own a North American 2002-2006 Sprinter (Chrysler body style "VA"), this posting does not apply to you.

Several people have contacted me inquiring after a location for downloading the StarMOBILE Desktop Client and hand-held tool's firmware.

After reviewing a few handy and free file sharing web resources, I decided to upload the files to FileSavr.com. Why FileSavr? I started my search this morning. I ended my search after about 5 minutes. In that time I found FileSavr.com to be the least annoying free service.

I am not a member of Filesavr.

I do not know how long my uploads will be available for you to download. Send me a PM if you're unable to down load them and I'll work with you to retrieve the files from elsewhere.

Here are the locations:

StarMOBILE Desktop Client
StarMOBILE tool firmware 0.56.10
StarMOBILE tool firmware 1.1.2
StarMOBILE tool firmware 1.1.4
StarMOBILE tool firmware v1.6.1

At this writing, the current StarMOBILE Desktop client revision is
At this writing, the latest tool firmware is 1.6.1.
If you have problems updating the tool directly to 1.6.1, try an incremental upgrade from whatever version you're at, to the next one, and so on until you get to 1.6.1.

The firmware files are in zip format.

Use a web brower to force-feed the updates to the scan tool if necessary. There's a webserver on the scan tool. Open a browser to its IP address after you plug it into your network. It's pretty obvious from there. If you're locked out of the web browser configuration interface because of a password that you didn't set, push buttons on the scan tool itself until you find the "settings" menu. Settings -> Restore Factory Defaults will clear the any passwords, old flash files and old network configurations too.

This is a dealership tool.

Its market was not intended for consumers.

The software was designed for a dealership computer specification.

As such, you'll need a computer similar to what dealerships were forced to buy: A computer running Microsoft Windows.

These system specifications are "safe."

Minimum: Laptop or Tablet 1 GHz Intel or equivalent
Available hard drive space: 300MB
Windows XP 932 bit) Service Pack 2 - 512MB of RAM
Windows Business Vista (32 bit) - 1GB of RAM
Ethernet: 10/100 wired,
Wireless: 802.11b or 802.11g wireless
Screen resolution: 1024x768 resolution

These are "more optimal"

Minimum: Laptop or Tablet 1.6 GHz Intel or equivalent
Available hard drive space: 300MB
Windows XP 932 bit) Service Pack 2 - 2 GB or more of RAM
Windows Business Vista (32 bit) - 2 GB or more of RAM
Ethernet: 10/100 wired,
Wireless: 802.11b or 802.11g wireless
Screen resolution: 1280x1024 resolution

What do I (Jon) use?

Until a few weeks ago I used a
Dell Latitude D630
2.19 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo T7500
1 GB RAM, 120 GB HD
Windows XP Professional SP 3 (32 bit)
stock wireless and wired network interfaces

Now I use a Lenovo Thinkpad T400 2764-CTO
2.8 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo T9600
320 GB HD
Windows XP Pro SP 3 (32-bit),
stock wired and wireless interfaces

Eventually I'll upgrade to Vista.

The authors of StarMOBILE and the new desktop client software, WiTECH, haven't tested either in 64 bit operating environments.

FWIW, I do not feel that Microsoft Windows is not an operating system , it's an operating environment .

I don't work for Filesavr or any Chrysler-affiliated organization. I just own a 2007 Sprinter and StarMOBILE.

I'm providing this info for anyone that owns StarMOBILE and is unable to upgrade. Unfortunately, Chrysler broke updates for versions of the Desktop Client prior to 9.04 by allowing the domain names that host the upgrades to lapse. They changed the fully qualified domain names on the internet and did so w/o assuring that field units such as StarSCAN and StarMOBILE had a path to the new server names.

If you own StarMOBILE, I strongly encourage you to subscribe - and login - to www.techauthority.com for these updates. You'll need to configure the StarMOBILE Deskstop Client to use techauthority. The instructions for doing so are on Sprinter-Source, here.

This software's useless without the scan tool hardware. Regardless, just because you have the tool does not mean you're entitled to free software and software updates.

Can you take it? Sure.
Can you do the wrong thing? Absolutely.
Should you? No.

Some people make their living writing software, testing software, revising software.

It takes work. It takes time. You get paid for work. This isn't any different. Programmers and the companies that hire programmers should get paid for work, just like you and me.

Using these download links should be your last resort.

Subscribe to Techauthority Online to keep current with software revisions.

Pay for what you use. Pay for future updates.

Now I'd like to write a few words about getting StarMOBILE or StarSCAN tools from eBay or defunct dealerships.

I don't own StarSCAN. In theory, you might be able to update StarSCAN with a USB thumb drive and some combination of the above software. I don't know that for a fact, however.

I do know that, as late as last month, the tool support center was having difficulties figuring out how to upgrade StarSCAN units owned by dealerships that didn't them keep current.

I wouldn't buy StarSCAN from a defunct dealership or from an eBay seller. I don't know how you'd get it updated to 9.04 or better. If it already has 9.04, you'd be ok for now.... unless the New Chrysler (with Fiat) changes the domain names again w/o assuring no dealership tool is orphaned by the move.

I can probably talk you though making StarMOBILE useful but updating StarSCAN at 9.03 or lower will be challenging.

2007 F/Liner 2500 Cargo Van, 144" WB, 3.92 Rear Axle Ratio, Buttons on the Steering Wheel, Contractor Package, Heated glass and seats, no spark plugs or windows in the cargo bay.

US Tech info: http://www.sprintertekinfo.com
US Parts info: http://epc.startekinfo.com (Subscribe to world passenger car and light transport)

Americans may learn to use MB technical resources and parts information here:

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