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2007 LTV Serenity
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Default 2017 Serenity windshield curtains

I went to the La Mesa RV show today in Sacramento and sat in a new Serenity and was shocked to see that they have those crazy folded paper window covers on the doors of the vehicle, like on the Winnebago View. Only thing is, I didn't see anything on the windshield. When it's cold out or bright out or there are prying eyes about it's nice to be able to close of the windshield. I see how you close off the side windows on the new Serenity, but how do you close the front glass?

I looked at even the 2016 Serenity and there were still curtains tied up behind the cab seats just like my 2007...

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Default Re: 2017 Serenity windshield curtains

We picked up our new 2017 Serenity last week in Dallas. We were a bit perplexed but we figured it our at delivery. There is a matching fabric curtain folded in a bag in the closet that fits nicely over the visor ends and stretches to cover the front windshield very well for privacy. We also purchased Weathertech Floorliners and the windshield heat screen, which we will use instead when parked for the night. It fits nicely too.
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