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Default Our New Serenity

After waiting 10 months, we took delivery of our 2015 Serenity at Fretz RV. We had an Airstream Westfalia camper for over 9 years, and decided to upgrade. We LOVE the Serenity after just 3 weeks on the road and 3,800 miles in New England and the Canadian Maritimes. The only thing we would change is to have more water pressure. Overall mpg is 17.6, with over 19 mpg on level terrain and 15+ mpg in Cape Breton with lots of stops for scenery, steep grades, and winding dirt roads. Never saw a single Unity on the trip, but did see one Serenity in New England that had no plates on the back so it was probably brand new on temporary plates like we were. The Serenity floor plan with electric sofa is perfect for us - we would have ordered a Unity if we liked one of the floor plans better.
Mark Lewis
2015 Leisure Serenity
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Default Re: Our New Serenity

Originally Posted by Lewis54 View Post
The only thing we would change is to have more water pressure.
If this complaint is because of the shower, then I recommend replacing your shower head for one of these Oxygenics (Amazon, eBay, or others may have them for less):
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Default Re: Our New Serenity

A reply would have been nice!
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Default Re: Our New Serenity

Congratulations on your new Serenity. Another thing to be aware of especially if camping in cold weather is that the storage bay under the bed is open clear under the sofa. I bought a Styrofoam insulation board and made a cover to block(hopefully) the draft from outside. I also keep a towel rolled up and along wall side of the sofa when in bed position.
Also be aware that when moving the sofa from bed to sofa to check in the bay first for anything stored under there.
I did not find the sofa that comfortable to sleep on so got a 3 inch gel/memory foam pad from Costco and that has done the trick.
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