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Default Considering a new Serenity

I read through many of the threads on here which were very helpful.

A couple questions;

Is the Serenity fit and finish considered to the top of line for Leisure (compared to a Unity)?

Can you fit inside a typical parking space? I.E., can you park in between a car on each side and have room to exit the vehicle and not hit the car next to you?

With a foam pad over the forward and rear beds, do you find them to be level, and comfortable?

Is the reclining couch working ok?
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Steve Zoller
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Default Re: Considering a new Serenity

We have a 2015 Serenity.
Fit & Finish should be the same as a Unity (better than a Wonder). Serenity is a one-piece fiberglass shell versus pieces put together with Unities. Gives them a lot more options for Unities in terms of floor plans and slides. The Serenity is their original model and floor plan for the B+.
You can park in any parking space and get out of the doors (may be tight but you do fit between the white lines). From a length standpoint, you can back over a curb and fit in a single space or you can do a pull-through and it’s about 1 1/3 spaces.
We use a foam pad on our bed and it’s great. We haven’t slept on the front bed.
I’m not sure what you mean by reclining couch. The bed mechanism works fine.
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Default Re: Considering a new Serenity

We have a 2" foam pad and a Travesak that makes the sofa-bed in the back corner very nice to sleep (search for photos of this I've posted). The problem is what to do with all this when you want to pull the sofa back up; we leave it on top which makes the sofa sort of like a relaxing sofa and works for us.

We have had a daughter and her son sleep up front in the dinette/bed without any pad and they said it was comfortable; it is quite a puzzle to make those dinette cushions into a bed. Many times grands enjoy staying with us and the dinette/bed is not an issue.
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Default Re: Considering a new Serenity

We just picked our 2017 Serenity last week. Parking is a breeze, although in a standard parking space the unit will fit in width-wise, but at 25', it sticks out. We just park toward the back at large lots at a pull through spot. The unit drives very well, and my wife even enjoys driving it.
Folding sofa to bed is simple, and works well. We added a 2" memory foam topper, which is excellent, but a bit bulky to store. It rolls up, secured with a belt, and fits in the large wardrobe cabinet. The unit itself has lots on innovative storage locations, so we don't miss the large closet area, as there is a smaller one to hang clothes in.
We looked at many coaches by several manufacturers, and in our opinion, the Leisure Trave Van Serenity is on the top of the hill for quality, design, fit, and finish. Very tight, well built, and we love the lack of flexing and creaking I believe to be due to the solid fiberglass built coach body. Reminds me of the difference in how a nice Toyota feels vs. an Audi, from experience. We had a Winnebago Navion in the past, although a very nice coach, it tipped and rolled as top heavy and creaked with obvious wall built boxyness. Cost was more, but resale is strong, so we were OK with paying more. Got what we paid for.
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