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Default Buying a 2010 LTV Serenity on a 2008 Freightliner Chassis...any thoughts?

Hi folks,

Well, I believe I have decided on a 2008 Freightliner chassis carrying a 2010 Leisure Travel Vans Serenity.

Wondering if anyone has any comments on the Mercedes/Freightliner 2008 3500 series design...or the 2010 Serenity?

Does the RSN [rumble strip noise] still exist, I believe the resonator is no longer a concern, how about the turbo hoses?

Anyone have "real" average mileage with a motor home build of approx. 10k lbs. GVW?

The new unit will not have the sliding or rear doors .. a few other items not needing attention. Other that the above, my 2005 Dodge badged Sprinter was excellent! [actually...never had the resonator or hose issues either...only worried about the resonator until I changed to an aftermarket resonator from Doorman Industries for $35!!]

I did search the messages specifically for "2008 Freightliner" and did't find anything interesting.

I am taking the vehicle to the Florida Freightliner dealer to have reviewed b4 buying... anything specific I should have them look for or check?

Any thought, experience, suggestions, cautionary advice would be greatly appreciated!


Ray H.
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Default Re: Buying a 2010 LTV Serenity on a 2008 Freightliner Chassis...any thoughts?

Sorry I can't be much help Ray but we have decided on the Serenity also, just watching for a used one, in no particular hurry. We like the Serenity for it's low clearance and big bath/shower. If you look at my post here: http://sprinter-source.com/forum/showthread.php?t=26491
there are 2 responses from Al Jimenez about his Serenity although his is a 2013, the mileage should be about the same.

Please post back with comments on yours.
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Default Re: Buying a 2010 LTV Serenity on a 2008 Freightliner Chassis...any thoughts?

Ray, did you get the Freightliner Serenity? There is one for sale at WagonTrail RV's in Las Vegas and I was thinking about, if the price was right? What has your experience been? It's the same, 2010 freedom 2 Serenity on Freightliner sprinter.
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Default Re: Buying a 2010 LTV Serenity on a 2008 Freightliner Chassis...any thoughts?

I have an 08 navion on 07 dodge chassis, I think all the chassis from 07-09 were pretty much the same except for the grille, all those had V6 and not yet any of the def tank and def fluid issues.

Ours has nearly 100k on it and runs like a top, however it did need a transmission rebuild when we bought it at 80k.

Mileage with about 11,000 lbs on the Navion is around 16-17 real measured mpg, driving a mix of freeways (interstates) at 60-70 and country roads at or near applicable speed limits

We've towed a 2000 lb trailer with it, through death valley too, which was a bit slow going up the 10% grade, but did not affect mileage too much maybe 1 mpg less overall!!!
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Default Re: Buying a 2010 LTV Serenity on a 2008 Freightliner Chassis...any thoughts?

We own one. When purchased did not know that it was built on a 2008 frame.But that is what the industry does. Have been all over the USA and parts of Canada. Wonderful traveling. Smooth ride.We are now considering selling due to our changed lifestyle. A potential buyer asked if we have a converter. Not being a mechanic I'am not sure but think it does. Anyone know for sure?

Also if anyone knows someone who would be interested in a purchase please let them know about our vehicle. Can be reached at wejjd2@gmail.com.

Thank you. Bill.

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Default Re: Buying a 2010 LTV Serenity on a 2008 Freightliner Chassis...any thoughts?

If I was buying again, I think I would buy the 2011-2014 Serenity, the engine does run smoother, and the blutec means you get the same MPG my 5 banger gets. But my 2007 is still a good value and getting over 20 MPG on the highway means even more value. After 2014 they went from 9.5 feet to 10.5 feet tall, and one of the best things is having a short, aerodynamic RV. The 2007 is a foot shorter too so I can fit it in my driveway. Someday I'll own a garage that it fits in too.

The converter is the device that makes 110v into 12v, ALL RVs have a converter. Some have an Inverter too, but the Serenity doesn't when it's new from the factory.

2005 3500 T1N based 2007 Leisure Travel Van's Freedom II Serenity
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