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Default ToughGuard® Surface Protectant

Greetings everyone,

I would like to bring your attention to the line of ToughGuard® surface protectant products. Having been in the automotive industry for over 36 years, I’ve found ToughGuard® products to be the most effective available and the easiest to apply. It is a product line that has been widely used in the commercial airline industry for years so the products are time and industry tested.

Sprinters are not shipped with a clear coat application so the paint surface is susceptible to oxidizing. In an effort to keep our vans looking good, the pride in me grew tired of either waxing my self or paying to wax both of our Sprinters every 8 months or. At $400+ a year to keep our vans looking good, I was done with that option. We used ToughGuard® Nano-Polymer surface protectant on our vans in July of 2016 and haven’t needed to wax them since! And, they are not even close to needing another application for several more years. This is a 5 year protectant. So...consider the investment in your Sprinter and save yourself money and time! ToughGuard® also has a NHP nano clear coat exterior trim protectant as well as carpet, leather, vinyl and Poly-carbonate headlamp lens treatments. All work exceptionally well.

You can learn more about ToughGuard® Nano-Polymer surface protection and the other quality products at


Thank you, John
Former owner of Upscale Automotive and the Sprinter Store
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Default Re: ToughGuard® Surface Protectant

Greetings Everyone,

Great news! The NW SprinterFest 2019 will be held June 1st this year. Even better news...the Sprinter Store will be offering free ToughGuard® products and services. At least one lucky person will receive an exterior detail of their vehicle. Other ToughGuard® promotions will also be available. Attend and learn more about how ToughGuard® products can give your vehicles the best protection possible. And remember...you may be the lucky winner of the exterior detail!! To learn more about the 14th annual event and register for it visit https://www.sprinterstore.com/sprinterfest-2019/
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