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Default Becker Radio

I have a 2016 Unity MB, a question, does everybody hate the Becker as much as I do.I just came back from a long trip and found this radio to be a waste of space. No idea why MB would put this in such an expensive vehicle. The longer the trip I take the more I want to rip this thing out and leave it the middle of the road as roadkill.

The GPS is not intuitive at all, I am able to use it with the pitt function but find myself yelling at the unit every time I needed to change the state or city. Anybody watching me must have thought it was a madman driving this while RV screaming at his radio.
Brightness is at the max, # 10 on the adjustment range but I still can't see it during the day or just barely at night because it so dull and washed out. The rear camera on mine is almost useless, again for the same reason. So dull I can't depend on it for backing up especially at night. Overall the MB dash lights are not bright enough in my opinion except for the center yellow gauges lamps and they are to bright and annoying.

For the GPS I Finally just went with the phone, at least you can see it.

Have those who replaced theirs been happy with their choices and what brand of unit did you put in.
Did you do the replacement installation yourself or bring it to a radio store and have them do it and at what cost.
I used to install radios in cars many years ago but not sure if the newer radios with all there functions are that easy to to do anymore, I know places sell adapter cables but unsure if they will work with the steering controls and GPS along with the rear camera.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Default Re: Becker Radio

I can’t speak to the Becker but I “suffered” a Clarion in our Airstream trailer for five years. User interface makes a big difference and if it or the hardware isn’t working for you I encourage you to dump it! You have too nice a rig to have something like this be a bummer, is my thinking.

Treat yourself to a unit that is Android Auto and Apple CarPlay enabled and don’t look back! I will leave it to the others to answer your questions.

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Default Re: Becker Radio

It is a radio from the 1960's. MB with a dial search and program radio/stereo in a $150K vehicle. Come on, really? Pure Junk. Leisure should be ashamed to leave that in their rigs. Airstream and most other high ends replace them with after market systems. Yes it is a radio in the Sprinter delivery van, right?
Love the Unity and Leisure Travel Van's but step up.
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Default Re: Becker Radio

The only nice thing I can say is "It fits the hole well."
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Default Re: Becker Radio

There are a number of threads on replacing the Mercedes Becker A-15 head unit , https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...placing+becker, https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...placing+becker, https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...placing+becker, https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...hlight=Kenwood, https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...hlight=Kenwood, https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...hlight=Kenwood. The 2 most popular options are to replace it with a Kenwood Excelon (https://www.kenwood.com/usa/car/excelon/) or a Pioneer AVIC (https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/P...X/AVIC-8200NEX). In my 2014, Leisure installed a Kenwood Exelon model head unit and we love it!
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Default Re: Becker Radio

I agree and am waiting on this Kenwood (made for RVs and truckers) to drop in price before pulling the plug (Becker in this case). I have been watching it for almost a year and the only place I found it available is on Crutchfield who also sells the prewire adapters. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_113DNX...DNX775RVS.html
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Default Re: Becker Radio

I put in the Pioneer almost as soon as I bought my 2019 Unity. The Becker is made for a plumbing truck or something where I am sure it would work fine.
The Pioneer Avic-w8400nex was the latest at the time but they have since come out with the 8500.
It works absolutely great my only complaint is the screen is polarized so its glare free. As a result it doesn't work at all with polarized sunglasses, which is most of them.
My major concern was having wireless Android Auto and Sirius Satellite, so I never upgraded the speakers or did any other things to improve the audio as the built-ins sound fine for driving to me.
The install was not hard but there were a lot of steps. Most of the wheel controls work fine still. https://avoidpitfalls.com/pioneer-avic-w8400nex/
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Default Re: Becker Radio

Sure hope they have upgraded in the 2020 LTV Unity on the 2019 chassis.....

2020 Unity MB on order.....

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Default Re: Becker Radio

I put in an Alpine X208U with Car Play and built in GPS. I've ben very happy with it. The installer did have to fabricate a new faceplate to fit the 8" screen. I've also seen Alpine Halo 9s in Sprinters that looked pretty nice. Yes the Becker was a joke and drove me nuts. I think I still have it in the garage if anyone wants one...
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Default Re: Becker Radio

I had to mount an external Sat Radio which I play thru the Becker. I use the Becker for blue-toothing my cell phone and Sat Radio Audio (and rearview camera). The nice part is the audio mutes when I get a cell call. I use a separate GPS (Garmin RV 760).
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