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For Sale (Sprinter parts Only) Post Sprinter Parts for sale here, including vans that are not driveable.

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Default MLV (mass loaded vinyl) sound barrier remnant for sale Tucson AZ

I have some leftover MLV from my build.
54" wide and 5 feet long.
Local pickup in Tucson. Not cost effective to ship.

This is high quality MLV, 1/8" thick, 1 pound per sq ft, virgin vinyl. No off-gassing, no odor issues, clean and easy to work with. Second Skin sells this for $160 for a 45sf roll. My price per sq ft is nearly half that.

This 22.5 sq foot piece should do the forward cab area of any Sprinter. Classified system forces me to choose NCV3 or TN1 or VS30 but this will obviously work in any of them.

Note that this is NOT the same as adhesive backed butyl rubber like Dynamat, Fatmat, Hushmat, Noico, etc.
MLV is commonly used on the interior firewall, floor and trunk areas.

Use of the same material (Second Skin Luxury Liner Roll) is explained here:

This is still rolled up on the original carboard tube. I just didn't use the full 30' roll that I purchased.
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