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Default Re: Ford to introduce Transit Connect in the US

Originally Posted by sprinterbitch View Post
We run transit connects as CSI vans and they are a genuine ford product based on the focus chassis and running gear a guy at work has one and he can just fit a full size motocross bike in it if he folds the front seat down .They are pretty quick with a 1800 turbo diesel engine abs airbags traction control a/c all the same as a ford focus definatly not renault gm vw just ford
Yep we know that one down under Genuine 100% FORD
"Fixed or repaired daily" too but at least they match with Euro prices, The Merc's are now way of the scale in price
Went to the dealer today and the manger fell over me and My Mercedes, As they have never seen a Sportsline version!do they want to do a trade, With a buy outright no trade-in discounting thousands of RRP and I didn't even get that far I was gob smacked as to the difference between Ford and Mercedes in the way they at least approach a prospective client. I have to admit I can't buy them in Europe. " the Ford that is" and ship them as cheap as they are being offered down under , the passenger unit is AU $49.000 fully loaded with the half a dozen options ford has on offer for the units, but ESP ABS and the both airbags,Diesel 2.4 litre TDCi rear wheel drive or the 2.2 litre for front wheel drive,and any color metallic, plus front and rear overrider's fully registered and on the road no more to pay, no side air bags which is a downer,not to mention the old particulate filter, not keen on the Ford emission exhaust system at all, as diesel fumes are are known cancer indicator! but the deal leaves the Mercedes for dead on price, I admit that a Mercedes is a Mercedes, as to the safety and quality aspects, and the Ford is the lesser unit! You get what you pay for. It;s a good price as I get the 10% GST "VAT" back in the first bass quarter, which reduces the price back to AU $44500.
Then went to Toyota and they matched the deal with further discounts on fleet purchase rates as I am a Company Pty Ltd, the only down side is they are not as wide.
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