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Old 12-15-2014, 02:27 PM   #21
Gordon Smith
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Default Re: changing transmission fluid and filter on 2008 3500 nc3v

On my 07 gasser (ncv3), I lay with my head under the torque converter, in order to see the drain come into view, and my feet forward under the engine. i put a 1 1/16" socket on the crank and rotate it with a 1/2" rachet. I site this for reference, for the gas engine only. Surely, someone will give corresponding info for the diesel.
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Gordon Smith
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Default Re: changing transmission fluid and filter on 2008 3500 nc3v

Sikwan had earlier posted a really excellent photo essay on this. I just checked some of my notes from his post.
He used a 27mm socket (the metric equiv of the 1 1/16 I used), with a 1/4" extension, and a wrench with a pivoting head.
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2008 View J (NCV3 3500)
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Default Re: changing transmission fluid and filter on 2008 3500 nc3v

As above, it is about as straightforward as can be. Use a 27mm socket on the crankshaft pulley bolt and turn clockwise (from the front of the engine) until the torque converter drain bolt appears. Nothing to it.
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Default Re: changing transmission fluid and filter on 2008 3500 nc3v

did my fluid and filter change today, made a drain tube for the converter out of polly pipe, position your 4mm bit with swivel and extension on drain plug then slide the drain pipe over it and push it up against the converter, then undo the plug and pull out your tool out.
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Default Re: changing transmission fluid and filter on 2008 3500 nc3v

Did my fluid/filter change yesterday. I did jack the trans and remove the crossmember. (very easy). Hardest part was getting to the f'n TC drain plug. Was hard to remove.

My 2011 has 58k on it.. was very surprised to see the fluid was black..no remnants of any red at all. No debris in pan, just some clutch particles on the magnet.

No need for any drain concoction for the TC.. just wipe it when done.

Installed 7.25qts of Amsoil Signature oil and she's happy once again
2016 2500 4x4 long wb high top. add-a-leaf in rear. 275 tires
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Default Re: changing transmission fluid and filter on 2008 3500 nc3v

Hi ya'all,

Are the pan bolts reusable? I am looking at the kit from europarts.
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Old 09-29-2016, 06:51 PM   #27
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Default Re: changing transmission fluid and filter on 2008 3500 nc3v

I just finished my 60 K transmission service. I had read several posts before starting.
1. I removed the 4 bolts on the rear crossmember. I replaced them with 4 X M8 1.25 pitch 90 mm bolts. Placed a 4X4 block under the bolt heads and jacked up the tail shaft about 1.5 inches.
2. Drained, removed and cleaned the pan. Replaced the filter and gasket and reinstalled the pan.
3. lowered the tail shaft and reinstalled the original 4 bolts.
4. I removed the transmission cooler return line fitting with a 19 mm end wrench and removed the cooler line clamp with an 8 mm socket. These are on the right (passenger side) of the transmission. Ahead and above where the filler tube enters the transmission. The clamp holds both cooler lines in place.
5. I clamped a 3 foot piece of 9/16' I.D. tubing onto the threads of the cooler return line with a hose clamp. (1/2" might have fit also). I placed the other end of the tubing into a 5 qt oil jug, the kind that has a clear stripe on the side marker in liters and quarts.
6. Following a MB Youtube, I had only drained 4 quarts of fluid from the pan, I poured in (very slowly) 5 quarts of new fluid.
7. I had a helper start and stop the engine as 3 quarts pumped into the oil jug. I added 3 quarts and repeated twice. The final time I pumped out 3 quarts and added 2 quarts.
In total, I took out 4,3,3,and 3 for a total of 13 quarts. I put in 5,3,3 and 2. I started with 14 quarts of new fluid and ended up topping it up 1/2 quart when it was driven and warmed up. I may not have removed all of the system fluid but I know it is real close as the color now the same as fresh fluid. NOTICE: I DID NOT drain the torque converter.
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Repair / Service
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Default Re: changing transmission fluid and filter on 2008 3500 nc3v


EDIT. This is for the 6-speed manual

I know there´s mainly autom. trannys used Sprinter in States ( or I quess so..)

But just in case someone runs into manaual one, and maybe thinking oli change, here´s few things to be censidered.

First, and think this is crusial, be sure to use correct oil, as listed in serv. manual.
Otherwise you most certain run into problems such as, 1st & 2nd gears hard to...

Second, dont fill the tranny up to the edge of the fill / check hole.
(both allen bolts, (was it 12mm or 14mm..umm)

If filled too much, you end up to those same problems as above..
i don´t have the proper manual in hand now, but I somehoe remember the correct amount was 1,2 liters.. BE sure to check..

Now, someone may think I´m posting somethning completely ridicilous, "like, how can 0,5 liter affect to the trannys operation..or so."
but trust me.. I´ve been with these a lot.

ANd just crossed my mind with this:

When putting the drain plug back, be aware to NOT over thighten it. Tansm.housing can broke quite easily, the plug is "taper shaped".

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Bobnoxious (03-25-2017)
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Default Re: changing transmission fluid and filter on 2008 3500 nc3v

Bobthebuilder, the MB Youtube vid link would be great! Thanks for the info!
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Default Re: changing transmission fluid and filter on 2008 3500 nc3v

I did my trans service today. Hope this solves the 50-55mph vibe.
I bought two e-bay kits, one with oil, filter, and gaskets. The other, a dipstick and tab.
Even hours after a shower and dinner I still smell trans fluid!
I don't know how many years since the last service, but whoever did it never put a new lock tab on the cap and it was still on the tube.
My driveway slopes down to the street, so backed er up and put front on ramps facing the street. I only removed the 2 trans mount bolts and jacked er up 2". The converter drain plug took over a hour to remove, but only 10min to install. Everything else was easy. Made a little mess, but I had laid down cardboard to catch it. Fluid was dark grey and magnet wasn't too dirty.
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