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Default Re: Things I Learned This Month

Great Post.

We are learning ..... too. We went from a 45 ft. fifth wheel pulled by a medium duty truck to the MB Unity FX in April. We travel with our dogs (all rescues who happen to be a bit on the large size.) We have a two dog limit and a 35lb top weight limit. So... we have three dogs that are 94, 82 and 40 lbs. When we travelled before we had everything. Literally a couple thousand pounds of stuff. We figured we needed it all. The Unity is an enormous downsize but a massive upgrade. I condensed all the "possibles" to a small bin that fits in one basement compartment (and a debit card). Still, if we are not careful we wind up with stuff lying around. Working hard to have the "everything has a place and everything in its place" mentality. The two things we miss are the residential refrigerator and washer and dryer. Other than that the Unity actually is more comfortable to relax in. We replaced the rear pull out ottoman/desk with a slide in box with all the dog items. We carry less and the set up - oh lordy - what set up? 10 minutes and we are hiking. We travel in the winter a lot and I've spent some time staring up at the tanks and pipes. Going to have to figure out how to cold proof everything.
Having less gear was unsettling at first but the ease of travel has eliminated those fears. Each time we take a little less and have a little more fun. Stopping to see something or do something is such a breeze. It used to take just the right spot to pull over a big rig. Now any spot is fine.
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Default Re: Things I Learned This Month

I probably talk to two or three people on every trip who have downsized from Class A to Class B+ or C. Just happened with a Tiffen owner here in Kalispell MT. He complained about drivability, parking, access to many Parks, setup and breakdown times - everything. And they now live in their Tiffen nearly full-time. I do not think I could do that.
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