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Default Re: "Possible" caution when having a Clear Bra paint protection film added to your RV

When we ordered our 2014 Unity MB we were able to order "Diamond Shield" as a factory option. It has performed beautifully except for a small stone that penetrated the film and chipped the paint on the vertical panel behind the driver's door.

Joe K.
Joe Kalmick
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Default Re: "Possible" caution when having a Clear Bra paint protection film added to your RV

Originally Posted by woundedpig View Post
The March edition of the digital Family Motor Coaching magazine has a letter from a member giving a strong recommendation for a Florida company called Ugly Shield Removal. The address for photo examples is

The website doesn't speak negatively of RV paint shields, but seems to focus on older RV's that have had the shields for a good while. The photos look horrid. Makes me wonder if older shields were made of less durable material and whether the deterioration of the shield/barrier is inevitable with time, or could be related to suboptimal owner maintenance = "My RV is invulnerable."
I also wonder whether the shield materials are as resistant to UV and other assaults (tar, bird droppings) as modern paint systems are. The shields do better with rocks, I am sure.

It's my understanding that the PPF industry has vastly improved their offerings from when the product was initially introduced so I suspect what is being shown in the pictures advertising for "Ugly Shield Removal" services are old examples of bad products. Some of the original product brought to market was known to be inferior and to yellow after a period of time. As I stated in my original post I have it on my 2104 X5 and it has certainly protected my car from rock chips, bird droppings, tree sap, etc., etc. I have 43k miles on my X5 after several trips to the west coast, east coast and south to Florida from Michigan with virtually no rock chips or discoloration. So to be clear I love the product and I want to protect my future UTB with it. I just put the post out there to share was I had been told and to get feedback from those who have protected their RV with PPF. And Natuzzi, I got a chuckle from your post and Emoji! The reason I said what I said about the car was to highlight my belief in PPF by my intention to wrap the whole car.....not to "bait the hook". 😎
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Default Re: "Possible" caution when having a Clear Bra paint protection film added to your RV

Originally Posted by alichty View Post
I believe that the cabs are delivered to LTV painted white by Mercedes. The paint job you see as delivered was done at the LTV factory. In either case it is automotive paint and not gelcoat. LTV does apply clearcoat on top of the color coats.
This explains why there was no wait period, after assembly, for the paint to cure before applying PPF. When we special ordered our BMW X5, the dealer would not install PPF until the paint had cured (I believe the wait was 60 days). Unfortunately we incurred rock chips on the hood on the drive home from the dealership Now We have paint chips on the hood so are thinking it would be best to have the hood detailed, then get the PPF. Still, this would require another wait period. Best bet would be to have the detail done during Summer when there are less rocks on the road.

We did have PPF installed on our Unity. However the installation also included the front faces of the van body and the leading edge of the front cap. These had relatively fresh paint (less than 30 days) when the PPF was installed by the dealer.
Ray and Susan Huff
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2014 Cougar 279RKS 5th-wheel (retired)
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