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Default Help - questions on WSP replacement?

I posted on here a few days ago about what I THOUGHT was a battery problem leading to a no-crank issue in my 2003 Sprinter 2500 RV conversion. I installed the new battery and everything was fine for a few days.

Well... I had it in to the Freightliner dealer for something completely different (installed rear spring assist from Upscale), with it's new, appropriately sized, fully charged battery installed. When they were done, it wouldn't crank.

It was the same problem - All dash lights normal. No "Start Error". Van completes the glow plug cycle and then just refuses to crank. There's a faint click from underneath somewhere, but no attempt at cranking. This is intermittent, as they got it started later in the day.

I have the option to engage the house battery to assist starting. Previously, when I thought it was a battery issue, I could watch 20 or more amps being pulled from the house battery where I have a Trimetric installed. I don't know if this is still happening while it's at Freightliner. I cut off the house battery when leaving it with them.

After some diagnosis, they called and told me it was the WSP module, and that I would need a new one. Trouble is - they won't be able to get one until Monday. And we were due to head out Friday evening for a two week trip. (It is an RV, after all.)

So, my questions for the knowledgeable folks on here are:

1) Is this really likely a WSP issue, or is this just the first thing they found? I don't get a "Start Error", so I'm wondering if the WSP diagnosis is correct. I have a second key I can try. But again, everything seems fine when you turn the key - there's just no crank, and a soft click somewhere underneath. If it were really a WSP problem, would I even get this far?

2) Assuming it is a WSP problem - do those fail intermittently, or all at once?

3) I can go visit the patient. I can test out a few things if there is something they may have missed. Is there anything I should look at? I have to assume they looked for all the basic things first. They've been good on previous visits, but maybe they missed something?

4) Now that you know all I know, would you be comfortable taking it on the road for two weeks if you could bring along a battery charger, de-oxit, or whatever other supplies you think are prudent?

I'm really hoping this vacation doesn't go up in flames. Very interested in your opinions.
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