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2013 Chassis /14 Unity MB
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Arrow MB Engine over heating ??

I have a 2013 Chassis under my 2014 Unity MB. I have about 85K Miles on the engine and have had all schedule services performed by MB dealers across the US and Canada.

I drove from my home in NCal to Reno, NV on the first leg of a trip back to Savannah, Ga.
We were about 170 miles east of Reno when we had a Scan Code of P0536 show up.
Talked to Service at MB Reno and they said might be battery problem. So we drove back and bought a new battery, and I installed it myself, since the MB dealer was backed up on service.

Drove the next day about 150 Miles over same route and had Engine Over Heating symbol come on and engine coolant temp was at 240 and continued to climb; finally at 255 the engine was in limp mode and I pulled off the road and shut down. After waiting several hours for the engine to cool down we drove another 30 miles to Austin, NV and found an RV park for the night.

Next day drove back to Reno 200+ miles, watching the coolant temp, and had to stop twice to let it cool down. Finally made it back to Reno and dropped the van off at MB Reno on a Monday. They said the would look at it soon! By end of day no one had even looked at the van, so we drove back to our home in NCal. At the end of the week MB Reno said they had fixed the problem and performed a couple of maintenace items for me; i.e. replace thermostat, flush cooling system, and install new Aux Alt on the engine. When we arrived on Sat morning they said everything was done. We drove 9 miles to Sparks NV and the engine over heated again! Also MB of Reno had not changed the oil, nor the coolant nor the thermostat. We took the RV back Monday AM, and they immediately put it into a service bay and assigned a tech to complete all service items. We went back the next day and they again said everything was done, and that they had test driven the van for 20 miles without over-heating. I asked them what was the cause of over heating? They said the problem was we took it out on Saturday before they were finished ? Not an answer to what initially caused the over heating? When pressed further they said they had no idea?

So $1700 later we are back on the road and all items of service have been completed and we drover 250 miles yesterday with no signs of over heating.

Has anyone else had engine over heating problems with the MB 3500 power train / engine?
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2016 Unity TB
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Default Re: MB Engine over heating ??

Red flag on the Reno MB service center. Mistake or rip off? Maybe a regional manager should be aware of their customer service. No idea after spending $1700? Just wondering how much damage was done to your engine that overheating caused? Keep an eye on your oil level. Find a better MB service center next time!
2016 Unity TB
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2015 LTV Unity TB
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Default Re: MB Engine over heating ??

In looking up the MB Sprinter Code P0536, it listed A/C EVAPORATOR TEMP SENSOR CIRCUIT RANGE /PERFORMANCE. How does that relate to a battery problem? Did MB Reno explain this? Did you buy a MB battery?

Later it sounds like you had an engine overheating problem that resulted in replacing coolant and thermostat. MB Reno also replaced the Aux Alt. Do you have two alternators on your Unity?

I have a 2015 Unity TB with 69,000 miles and about 3 weeks ago when pulling into a roadside rest area in western NC, my engine battery just died. Never had any previous battery related problems or codes. Fortunately there was an Interstate Battery Dealer in Asheville, NC who determined that my original battery had a dead cell and had replacement batteries in stock.

Last year I moved from NV to NC and would highly recommend the MB Sprinter dealer in Henderson, NV (Las Vegas) and Van City Leisure Travel dealer (Wagon Trail) in LV.
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2013 Chassis /14 Unity MB
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Arrow Re: MB Engine over heating ??

Yes we have a second alt for charging house batteries. Yes we bought a new MB battery.
Yes we agree Sun City in Las Vegas is a good place to buy and get service on an LTV; we bought our 2014 MB there and was very satisfied with delivery and training before driving back to NCal... we were newbies as well.

Regarding MB Reno .. I would have preferred to drive it back to Fairfield, CA but I was on the other side of the sierra Mts and the van would not make it over the 6K elevations without over-heating. We tried to get into the Freightliner in Sparks, but they were even more backed up then MB... so by default we ended up there. I probably would not elect to go there again for service, if I had other options and it was not an emergency ..

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