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Default Re: 2019 144 cargo 4x4 bench seat install help need

Originally Posted by nickbokhoven View Post
Ditto. My van is in production now. I have ordered Scheel Mann integrated seat belt chairs for the rear with Base Fab. I am using Q’Straint l track with their fasteners and washers on the floor with Unwin lockers. I am going to use these brackets underneath as extra insurance. My 8 & 6 year old kids will be in them so redundancies are good for me. I will document this in my build and share.

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Where did you order the Q’Straint l track, Unwin lockers, and Scheel-mann seats from?


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Default Re: 2019 144 cargo 4x4 bench seat install help need

I was Michael’s last retail sale at Basefab. For the seats and bases, contact Toby at Scheel Mann USA. He can sell you everything you need. As for the l tack and hardware use one these vendors that sells Q’Straint

Online dealers:
• Transfor Corp. ‐ http://www.transforcorporation.com
• Discount Ramps ‐ http://www.discountramps.com
• Cargo Equipment ‐ http://www.cargoequipmentcorp.com
• Unity School Bus ‐ www.unityparts.com

Note the seats take about 8 weeks. Unwin lockers can be sourced from Matt at Titan Vans in Boulder CO. I also saw on Instagram tonight that RRE Global has a nice glue down floor with the Braun seat based on SM seats. Might be another option that is much easier to install.

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