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Default Sun Shade for Nav Display

2017 Sprinter with aftermarket Kenwood head. In keeping with the throwback instrumentation the nav head is hard to see. I assume the stock unit is similarly difficult. Has anyone tried one of the aftermarket sun shades? If so, how well does the model purchased perform?

Cardboard may have to do until I can make something out of plastic sheet. Doesn't appear to be anything out there that wouldn't require hacking up.

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Default Re: Sun Shade for Nav Display

I have the same problem with my OEM navigation unit. I just spent quite a bit of time making a plastic shade, but have not yet took it out on a trip, but I do expect it to have much better visibility. Our Acura RDX has a very large glare shield built into the dash, and it virtually eliminates all the glare.

After I had made mine, I saw this one on-line: https://www.glarestomper.com/product...niversal-size/

If my homemade one doesn't do the job, I'll order this one.
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Default Re: Sun Shade for Nav Display

I've read somewhere that you can use antireflection covers for the display, peel and stick type, vinyl.
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