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Default Codes 2514 and 2511...thoughts?

I have a 2006 Sprinter 3500 (build out into a Winnebago View). It's got a few codes: a p2514-004 and p2511-001, which appear to be a Crank Case Vent Heater Open Circuit and a Valve Signal Circuit Short to ground.

I'm by no means an expert, but I live on a hill and the shop can't get my rig in for 2-3 weeks, so I had to park at my Neighbors (not ideal) .

From way too much time on the internet, I found that it could be a PCV (or named different I think for sprinters...like a tube breather...not sure if this is it or it's something different: (link)


1 year ago - went into limp mode. Started and restarted. Was fine for 8 months)
4 months ago- started to need a start restart a few more times, but overall was fine
3 days ago - took it to the shop to get a transmission pan gasket replaced, etc.
1 day ago - left the shop and a check engine light was on. No power at all. Turned on and off. No change.


1. limp mode
2. spitting the two codes above
3. lots of smoke
4. the engine was very hot after just half an hour, but didn't show hot on the dash (has tranny cooler too)
5. Lots of oil (may be unrelated) splattered on the big hose by the radiator cap

What I did:

1. I replaced the EGR Valve with a new one
2. I checked the wiring harness (some wear on the sleeve, but no damage I could see on the wires)
3. I checked the fuses and didn't see any that were blown (don't know how to check the big square ones)


Thanks all!
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Default Re: Codes 2514 and 2511...thoughts?

Guessing, by replacing random parts, is by far the most expensive and time consuming method to repair an automobile.

I would recommend that you have a qualified Sprinter technician diagnose your Concerns, and repair the Cause of those Concerns.
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Default Re: Codes 2514 and 2511...thoughts?

To fix the CCVH open circuit code... There's a hose which comes off the crank case ventilation assembly (just above and behind the oil cap) and terminates into the primary air intake hose which comes off the engine air filter box and goes into the turbo. On that hose you will find your Crank Case Vent Heater and the plug that goes into it. Sometimes when work is done on the vehicle the tech will unplug that and doesn't plug it all the way in upon reassembly. Or it can get sulfated.. Unplug it, spray some electrical contact cleaner on it, plug it back in. Worth a shot.. quick and easy..

we may need more info for everything else... Sometimes a faulty O2 sensor can cause 'weirdness' resulting in black smoke and potentially limp mode. But I don't think I I'd just throw another 02 sensor on it yet.

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