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For Sale (Sprinter parts Only) Post Sprinter Parts for sale here, including vans that are not driveable.

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Default T1N Used Parts - Portland OR - I have most everything

So my hobby is definitely more than a hobby now, I've gutted out about 20 sprinters, about half the parts are sold, but I've really got most everything available.

(no, I don't have dash vents, don't ask me for those, ha).

Doors, engine bay stuff, body panels, interior parts, electrical parts, you name it. My wife is thrilled to have so many sprinter parts stored on the property! Yes honey, we need 30 door weather seals.

At this point I'm not shipping really large stuff, the couple things I've tried in the past have left a bad taste in my mouth, if you want to arrange your own shipping I'm open to shipping large items. Also not shipping stuff under $60. It's just not worth my time, which I seem to have less if these days.

I'm always looking for more bum vans to get parts from as well, so check back, sometimes I have more stuff later. Currently have an 03 I'm tearing apart, has some good doors on it.
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Default Re: T1N Used Parts - Portland OR - I have most everything

I am looking for a sliding door window and a window for just behind the b pillar on the drivers side i have a 140 in weelbase 05 t1n. i am in chicago but i do drive out to portland once every summer.
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Default Re: T1N Used Parts - Portland OR - I have most everything

got any espar or webasto air heaters??

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Default Re: T1N Used Parts - Portland OR - I have most everything

do you have a magnet to the drive side rear cargo door (270*).
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