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Default New Post Search question


Could you explain how the new post tab works?

It seems like it always erases from the list any I have already looked at, so say I click new post, I see 5 new ones, I click on one, it then goes to it. when I click new post again, that one is no longer in the list, and sometimes others that were in the list that I did not even read are no longer showing up.

I find the only way to see those other links I may want to go back to it to go to the general forum, and scroll down to find.

It seems like it was not this way before, has something changed? It seemed like new posts would stay new even after I read them for a certain amount of hours, etc.

Please clarify how this is supposed to work so I understand.

Many Thanks,

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Default Re: New Post Search question

Hi Tibor:

The New Post button is considered a search button for all the recent posts since your last log in. I believe the threads stay in the list for like 15 minutes after you click on them. The threads should stay in the list if you don't click on them.

According to this thread...


...it been acting hokey lately, either due to me working on the forum this past weekend or something else I haven't figured out yet.

I had to have one of the vBulletin support look into the forum because it wasn't displaying pictures correctly. They didn't find anything and I had to fix it via a cookie setting.

I'll have to look into it when I have more time.

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