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Default Re: Waste valve replacement

I have a 2017 LTV Unity and the Valterra cable valve operation for the grey water tank has been trouble from day 1. Ultimately LTV sent me new parts to replace the valve. The RV shop that did that job ended up not following the Valterra installation instructions and once again I have trouble with closing the valve. Here is my question ... on the Unity the grey water tank is oriented along the longitudinal axis of the vehicle ... Can anyone tell me if the grey water valve orientation? I.e. currently the installed gate valve is in a vertical position I.e. the cable pull is in the 12o’clock position. This position does not provide the necessary clearances and cable geometry specified by Valterra. Can some with a Unity advise how this grey water gate valve is oriented .... it seems to me it has to be in a 3o’clock position in order to meet the Valterra installation guides. I appreciate your help
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