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Default Windshield crack

I left Michigan on Tuesday for a 5 week road trip that will carry me through a number of western states (see: http://www.sprinter-source.com/forum...ad.php?t=12697)

Today I took a stone in the windshield with the result that I have a foot-long crack extending up from the right lower corner of the windshield. I marked it so I can see how quickly it spreads.

No doubt the windshield will need replacement but it would be nice if it could wait a month until I get home. Please correct me if I'm wrong but I believe others have posted that when the old windshield is removed it is often necessary to touch up the paint in the "frame" or after the new windshield is installed you'll start to get rust streaks around it.

Let me know your experiences with windshield replacement so I can do it right the first time.

Just in case the window needs replacement while on my trip, I will be staying north of Seattle for several days, likewise Nevada City, CA and Colorado Springs, CO - if anyone can recommend someone who could do a proper job of windshield repair in any of these areas please let me know. I have comprehensive insurance which should cover the cost.


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Default Re: Windshield crack

Tim glass repairers can liquefy a crack, to prevent the spread of the cracked screen it's a temp fix.only.
If glass is to be taken out carefully address any rust issues under the screen fitment, its not a one day job ,so a replacement may just be a waste of money if you have pending unseen rust developing under the screen,
when the old vacuum seal is removed never allow a steel scraper to remove excess materials as it will penetrate the metal voids and scratch paint back to bare metal.
look at the screen areas surround thoughtfully for visual potential defects.prior to reinitialization of glass and call the shots if your not happy with how the replacement is being done. [Be warned.] Richard
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Default Re: Windshield crack

Your problem may be bad news and good news. The bad news is your windshield (windscreen) is broken. The good news is if your van is anything like my 2004 there is rust formed under the gasket/seal which you can't address without removing the windshield. The rust is getting bad enough on mine that I am worried about the rust bubbles going through.

My experience is that your crack will continue to move especially with large changes in temperature. Sometimes the defroster heat will accelerate the travel also. It should be no real problem because the sandwiched layer and inner glass will hold it all together for quite some time.

I'm certain you'll keep us informed. Good luck. vic
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Default Re: Windshield crack

A couple of years ago (Jan 2008), I had my 2005's T1N windshield replaced in Seattle in a couple of hours while my Sprinter was parked at my workplace's parking lot.
The whole job was $300 (tinted/"dotted" top band, non-heated windshield), plus tax.

I first called my servicing Dodge dealer (in Lynnwood, N of Seattle), who said they used this guy for their Sprinter window work.
I was offered (by the window guy) my choice of glass suppliers. Service was "next day" (before noon).

It was "Windshields, Etc. Inc" 3824 Serene Way, Lynnwood WA, 98087
425-776-8427 (cell: 206-920-0467)

Remember that the "Cab/Chassis" window is slightly -smaller- than the "regular" windows, so be careful in your specifications.

Careful inspection a few hours after he did the job -did- show a few scratches caused by the edge of the glass sliding along the paint below the window hole (about an inch below the final installed glass edge, just to the passenger side of the central windshield wiper shaft). Since i have a color coat, the scratches did not penetrate to the bare metal.

Here's the manufacturer's logo (so it wasn't Pilkington or PPG)

good luck
p.s. some states give tickets if a crack extends into the wipers' "swept area"

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