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Default Re: Million Mile Sprinter - Bad

Joel has worked on my sprinter a couple of times.. I won't take it anywhere else..
as previously mentioned UPS etc are brutal on packages.. they destroyed a shipment I sent out recently, based on the damage the box was thrown out of the truck and landed on a corner... I'm taking about a 30+LB box
by the way, that google image isn't a junk yard.. its customers vans waiting to be worked on !
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Default Re: Million Mile Sprinter - Bad

Joel is one of the best T1N mechanics on the East Coast, and I don't know that I've ever met someone more enthusiastic about Sprinters. He runs his own Sprinter repair business, and he runs his website, what he doesn't advertise is that he has a family of 10+ kids, with multiple of them being high needs and adopted out of the foster care system. The man is top notch and has character, just really busy.

To those who want to make pot shots about a diesel mechanics appearance, feel free to take your van to the clean cut stealership; your wallet buys them their nice suits and air freshener. Take your mean spirited assumptions with you while you're at it.
t1n used part/repair shop
sprinter tool lending available to local portland members.
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Default Re: Million Mile Sprinter - Bad

Originally Posted by lindenengineering View Post
Amigo, friend fellow forum contributor, with respect!

Frankly you need a few years living in an Arab country, somewhere really moderate like say Jordan which is generally "KIND" to Americans & their expectations, where you would not be treated so harshly!
I am not a religious person but the Muslim term "Allah favors the merciful and the compassionate", immediately comes to mind.
Contemplate this statement for few minutes, if you can, and the expression Bukarah Inshallalah.
"Tomorrow God willing".
Words like this are good for the soul . .
Peace and inner calmness be with you! Hopefully you will never want or need to hear this:-
Oh hamduleylah Bukaraha Inshalah bad eihn mishmish.
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Default Re: Million Mile Sprinter - Bad

Oh wow. Someone notified me of this thread and honestly, four months after the original post is the first time I'm seeing it.
I suppose it would be best to respond to each one in turn:
PARKGT: while I don't recall the exact circumstances of your order, I do recall that you were highly agitated and I felt that the best way to handle your situation was to just give you a refund. I didn't realize that I hadn't apologized. And so, right here, right now, I sincerely apologize that your order was not delivered in a timely manner and caused undue downtime to your van.
At that point in the year, I had done about 60k in sales and yours was the FIRST order that ultimately ended up in a refund.
You and others probably don't realize that I don't warehouse the products I sell. I work with a European supplier who has warehouses across the US and they package and ship the products for me. 99% of the time, I don't even touch the products that you guys order from my website. It would just be impossible. So sometimes there are hickups in the supply chain that I have absolutely no control over.
NBB: I DO remember you. I remember you because you were so supremely rude to me. Even my son who was with me commented "what's that guy's problem?"
Whenever I travel, I always give my card and a sticker to any Sprinter owners I see. Many people have heard of me and are pleased to meet me. We talk Sprinters for a while, they sometimes ask me to look at something on their Sprinter and we part friends. Others who don't know me are at least polite and say "thank you" or something along those lines. But not you.
Your comment about me sleeping in my clothes for three days wasnt far off base! I had a customer in Boulder who had custom ordered a Sprinter and had me do a ton of work to it while it was at my shop in Philadelphia. I had just finished driving it across the country and hand delivering it to him when I saw you. It was at a car wash, by the way.
I don't usually deliver Sprinters to customers across the country but it does happen from time to time and that happened to be one of those times. I'm sorry that my appearance so offended you that you felt the need to be rude to me.
Dennis: thanks for remembering what it's like to be a "little guy" wearing all the hats in a business. I appreciate your appeals to reason and understanding.
To everyone else:
Please know that the vast majority of my customers, whether they have me work on their van, purchase parts from the website or talk with me on the phone are very happy with the service that I am able to give them.
Sprinter Mechanic
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Joel Sell
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Default Re: Million Mile Sprinter - Bad

An example of a happy camper: https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=82303

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((as always: this post may go through a couple of post-posting edits... so maybe give it ten minutes before commenting))
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Default Re: Million Mile Sprinter - Bad

Originally Posted by autostaretx View Post
An example of a happy camper: https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=82303

Million Mile Sprinter = Good

Iíve ordered multiple parts from MMS now, and itís evident that he cares about these vehicles more than any other mechanic out there!

I recently had a mistake in shipping address because of PayPalís handling of my previous addresses and the package Iíd ordered was sent back to Joel. Joel sent me a text message (my preferred choice of contact) and I realized the mistake.

Joel was super kind and said heíd cover the shipping this time!

I look forward to ordering more parts from the small guy, and while people do make mistakes, like myself in this situation, we can still move forward and get the job done!

Thanks Joel!
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