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Default Re: 189 Holes and Counting - My 2017 170 2x4 Conversion Story

Originally Posted by MotoXPress View Post
Why do you think strips of thinsulate one the floor would be just as good? Wouldn’t that mean the raised ribs get no insulation and therefore half the floor isn’t insulated??

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I suppose you're right... the only problem with the Thinsulate on the raised part of the ribs is there is no gap between the rib and the plywood floor, so it can cause unevenness when laying down the floor. I don't know how effective the insulation is when it's compressed down to almost nothing.

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Default 189 Holes and Counting - My 2017 170 2x4 Conversion Story

Nice work. Finishing up my van now after almost 24 months. Currently installing similar wheel well storage. I used 5/16 rivnuts to attach both L-Track and benches to the wall along with 5/16 bolts thru the floor.

Also used Dream Lighting LEDs from Amazon for the cargo/lower bunk bed area. Switched from front or back.

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