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Default Re: The DEF fairy paid me a visit

We had a full DEF tank and on our way south still in -15 degree temperatures driving down the freeway in Minnesota. The check engine light came on but no message as to the reason why. It went off when we encountered above freezing weather. Freezing DEF? I don't know. We had both NOX censors replaced recently.
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Default Re: The DEF fairy paid me a visit

Originally Posted by TJLee089 View Post
Convenient, but the cost is more than 5X the cost per gallon of a 2.5 gal jug from Walmart (~$10).

QUOTE=4wheeldog;736788]I have been using 1 gallon jugs up until now. But after using the 1/2 gallon German screw on bottles recommended by Bobnoxious, I am a convert. Absolutely drip free, guaranteed full tank.
Here they are:

They are refillable. Buy once and done. I refill from a 2.5 gallon bladder in a box.
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