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Default Re: Take No Prisoners

Originally Posted by GaryJ View Post

I had no problem with you starting this thread and I found it to be interesting and informative. Your world travels have obviously opened your mind to the full spectrum of human behavior. Over the years I've appreciated your comments about your Mexican mechanics and the fine work they can do.

Having lived in Mexico and worked with a crew building a house there from start to finish, I really came to appreciate the honesty, sincerity, generosity and hard work of the Mexican people. It reminds me of the values that initially made the U.S. successful.

It was only when those with a narrow world view weighed in here with their tough guy blather that I thought the thread shoud be moved to the Danger Zone. Those that I hadn't already blocked jumped right in to imply that I must be some kind of a sissy for not wanting to read their drivel. But in fact, its like when you're walking down the sidewalk and see a pile of dog crap, you avoid it. So why would I want to step in it here?


Who says any of us have a problem with hard working Mexicans, or any other people the assimilate into our culture? The US has never become successful by a border invasion. If it has, please enlighten me.

The rest is a lot of brown nosing......
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