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Discussion: Scanners

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Default Oil leak

5000 mile oil change, filter included. Post change run up. No leaks noted.
On next drive after about 16 miles got the oil pressure light. Got help, added oil, started engine and no light, but there was evidence of oil leak.
Driving home after about 12 miles got oil lite again, but then out after 30 seconds.
Can't get it to come on now.
O Ring on filter pinched?????
Any other suggestions???

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Default Re: Oil leak

There's no oil pressure light. There is, I believe, a high oil level warning light. Did you overfill, and then add more?
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Default Re: Oil leak

Originally Posted by sprint2freedom View Post
There's no oil pressure light. ...

There is no oil pressure monitor or warning at all. Mother Mercedes expects us to recognize the clatter/knock of a engine running with low oil pressure.

She does give us a Low and High oil level monitor for the engine sump.

Being that the engine oil was changed the problem likely points to something involved with that operation.

A "HI" display on the dash would point to overfill.

A "LOW" display on the dash, subsequent verification by dipstick reading, and oil top off would point to a leak somewhere.

Inspect the drain plug. (Unlikely suspect.)

Inspect that the oil filter cap O-rings are properly installed. If undamaged, the previously removed O-rings can be reused. Lube the O-rings before installation.

Some info is here.

There is some history of non-OEM supplier O-rings being problematic as to fit/leaks.

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Default Re: Oil leak

I did wonder if there was an oil pressure light/sensor. You just confirmed me I wasn't dumb not finding it. Thanks for this info

By the way, is there any way to test the oil pressure (t1n) ?
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