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Default Re: Best Turbo Replacement Assembly?

Here you go!
There are several other places that sell the electronic actuator for your OM-647 separately.
Crawl under and find the part number on the actuator and do a search on that.
Also, have you lubed the bell crank and the turbo actuator linkage with high temp grease/penetrating oil?
Does the actuator move the bell crank?
That's the y thing to check.......if the bell crank coming out of the hot side of the turbo (rusty looking cast iron snail)
does not move as you rev the engine (have someone do this with all the parking and service brakes set full on with
your T1N in gear) a little then either the actuator is bad (Dennis can test this very easily (bet he has a part shelf full of
new and tested used actuators for the OM-647) or the ECM computer has put the whole turbo system into LHM.
It should reset when you shut the engine down and re start it.
How was your Sprinter being driven when you first noticed no boost?
Sometimes the boost goes too high and the ECM shuts the turbo off, sometimes the boost is too low and the ecm
shuts the turbo off to prevent lots of black smoke and possible damage.
Sometimes it goes high, sets a code, then sets a boost to low code when the turbo is being shut off by the ECM.
The electronic actuator is pretty expensive and probably cannot be returned.
LinDen Engineering would thoroughly diagnose your issue before replacing any parts.
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