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Default DANGER ALERT - OBD Insurance Monitors

Hey guys
This week I have had three vehicles roll though the shop with ABS, Instrument panel issues and one lit up like a Christmas tree.

All three of these vehicles were Dodges, one a 2005 Sprinter.
In each case they had what we would call an OBD2 fault recorder, but this thing is a recording device plugged into the OBD2 diagnostic socket insurance companies to gauge your driving habits promising it seems lower premiums.

So far State Farm & Progressive are the clowns seemingly pedaling this idea, and all I can tell you is that in the case of a Sprinter and Dodge Durango it corrupted the Becm modules and the instrument clusters. So beware if these company's start mentioning it.

After fixing the Sprinter I felt like drop kicking the stupid thing like a good Auzzie No Rules Fooball player over the shop fence. Crooked the whole vehicle!
Expensive repair.
Beware Dennis
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Default Re: DANGER ALERT - OBD Insurance Monitors

Did it cause any real damage? Or is it a simple case of unplugging that thing?

Since you said "Expensive repair", I assume something actually get damaged because of it? Curious to know and thanks for the head up.
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Default Re: DANGER ALERT - OBD Insurance Monitors

Anyone who would consider installing one of these to possibly save a few $ is out of their mind! Does anyone really believe the insurance companies have our best interests at hand?
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Default Re: DANGER ALERT - OBD Insurance Monitors

If someone will ask me to install this, I will have ready answer: Give me this gadget and now- bend over!
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Default Re: DANGER ALERT - OBD Insurance Monitors

Class action against an insurance company (especially State Farm) for damage their device caused.............NOW that's one I could support

And normally do not like class actions
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Default Re: DANGER ALERT - OBD Insurance Monitors

Yeah, obd'i, obd'a life goes on brah
La la how the life goes on.

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Default Re: DANGER ALERT - OBD Insurance Monitors

So I am guessing that somehow these "recorders" actually modify the vehicle electronics? No other way it could cause those problems. Or is it something else to do with having it plugged into the OBD2 port long-term? I'd hope not otherwise everyone using the ScanGauge and other bluetooth adapters would have serious problems as well??
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Default Re: DANGER ALERT - OBD Insurance Monitors

Well guys here's my observations on this thing.

The unit is modifiable enough by individuals for starters to "fool" insurance company's data, so it begs the question are these devices cleared and passed off for your particular vehicle.

In the case of the Sprinter & the speedo instrument cluster, it took out the electronics and with the device removed from the OBD2 port the whole area was dead, plug it back in and the system was operative but the ABS wng light was illuminated; the reason why the van rolled in originally.

We had to replace and program in a used instrument pane; the bill was just shy of $1700.

I the case of the Dodge Durango, the whole instrument panel was dead , and no communication with the engine PCM either with the device installed or removed. The guages would only work with the device plugged in. We discoved the unit when we did a cursory scan to check for fault codes and ABS reported brake related issues by the customer.

This particular customer just elected to leave the device in place so that his gauges would work. Guys was pissed since there were no issues with the truck before he plugged it in.

So beware!
In fact insurance companys are getting a bit too big for their breaches!
Recently an aqaintance told me he signed up for some new household property insurance and the said insurance company did a surprise un-announced physical inspection of the said property.
Because he has a wrecking yard he just happened to have his vicious yard dog in the back yard all pissed off having had some sort of vet surgery under sedation. The bloke walked into the back yard only to be attacked --yes by the junk yard dog getting over the the drugs to keep it sedated.---Well guess what??? They cancelled is policy and now he can't get coverage by anyone! Surpise surprise!
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Default Re: DANGER ALERT - OBD Insurance Monitors

You're already being followed by GPS if you have one of these.....

Car dealers hiding GPS trackers in financed vehicles


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Default Re: DANGER ALERT - OBD Insurance Monitors

I have a GPS tracker installed (OBD port) in my Sprinter. No issues to report, hard to live without it in my business.
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