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Default Ryobi Portable Propane Generator

On another subforum, poster posted about a Ryobi 700 running/900 peak watt propane generator, 25lbs, and $299 at HomeDepot:



Big advantages include use of propane fuel (can use the disposable canisters or hookup to Westy propane tank with proper hoses and attachments), light weight and small size, and relatively inexpensive.

For those who got rid of the 100 lb or so Onan Generator as too noisy, too big and unnecessary if don't have rooftop air conditioner, etc., but still have propane tank--this Ryobi might be a good emergency generator to recharge batteries, etc.

It might still be too big to fit inside the Westy.

While the Honda and Yamaha generators are top-notch and have more output, they cost a lot more and need gas.

Side Note: Westfalia once (and may still) offered a fuel cell option, which is good for recharging batteries like solar panels.

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