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Default Re: New member! Decision time and advice wanted :)

I'm a new member too ! I only found this forum when i googled for pics of the sprinter box body from Varley as i have one and am half way through a build, so can answer some questions for Haggis.

I bought mine in the last quarter of 2017. I was probably ripped of paying 30k but i hadn't seen anything else like it and as it's been pointed out, the rear tail lift forms a canopy which is awesome. Plus everything else looks pretty industrial so stealth travel won't be an issue as everything will be contained and i plan to add industrial-appropriate decals to make it look like a work truck.

Stripped in bare with the exception of the electronics cupboard. It was a bugger of a job needing a lot of time with the cut off wheel. The weigh bridge informed me it was a bit over 3 tonnes empty. I'm building interiors in Alloy and balsa ply to keep the weight down. Sound deadening is the heavy addition and lightweight pre-primed pine tongue and grove timber walling.

Varley weren't particularly helpful when i contacted them for diagrams. I have worked out that almost all wiring is through the 45 degree roof cornices, or down the rear or forward corner voids. So screwing into the walls is not a problem except on the right hand side centre where there was some wiring into the wall. I have put a fibreglass shower cubical in which covers this anyway. I had to cut it and re-fibreglass it to get it to stand up.

They stripped the inverter and computers making the wiring an enormous headache. My wife and i traced the wires (theres a front centre cover above the window into the cabin) I have then labelled everything we need and will just forget about the rest. I am looking for an auto electrician who can help double check everything. They are hard to find as they all reel when they come to see it.

Removing the vinyl floor unearthed a bit of bloody history. We like to think of the people who survived rather than may have passed away.

My wife and i had fun undoing bolts from underneath and on top to take out the centre stainless tracks. I then filled these with spray foam and fibreglassed over the top. I also filled the heater vent under one of the rear seats. The seat bases went to scrap. we couldn't use one in the cabin as a third seat due to width so had to shell out for an after-market one. I've also added a 10 inch monitor which is purpose built for the sprinter.

I'm about to add water tanks etc. Water access and other utilities like an outdoor shower, bbq, fold down bench come out of the LHS locker door so these things won't give away that it's an RV. Just debating gas storage for water heating. I'm hoping to blank off this locker from the inside so that i can vent to the exterior through the existing door from a gas galvanised storage box. I'm looking for a Gas /Plumber expert in Sydney's northside if anyone knows anyone.

On the drivers side there's also another locker that was too tall so that was cut down to make room fro lounge bed over it and will be the diesel heater and will double as ski boot storage. There will be a dedicated ski rack inside below a fold up work bench which will allow us to work from the road and ski better snow more often.

I had the AC in the rear taken out as it was huge, took up headroom and leaked everywhere. I have run a dormant 240v cable to that position if we decide we need a dometic RV system later. At the rear i have recycled what were the stainless wheel guides for the gurney and welded them to square up the rear step adding valuable floor area and reducing draft. This also enables the use of a full width pull down fly screen.

Interior ABS cabinets were pulled down, painted a dark metallic and reinstalled. The scratched perspex windows we have sanded more to give a soft rice paper look to them and disguise contents of cupboards

Hope this info is of use.

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Default Re: New member! Decision time and advice wanted :)

Hi Zeddo

Welcome to the forum.

Your experience with your conversion on the big box ambo, will be valued on this forum.
I doubt you would find any auto electrician to be of any help, unless they are a mate.
However, we are here to help.

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Zeddo (10-18-2019)
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Default Re: New member! Decision time and advice wanted :)

Sanding the perspex cabinet doors is a great idea, thanks.
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