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Default Kenwood DNX7180 / iPhone 5 problems

I'm having issues getting my iPhone 5 to play music thru my Kenwood

Kenwood DNX7180 (running the latest software and bluetooth versions)
Software Version 1.8.0
Bluetooth version 3.30.4

My iPhone5 will not play music thru the iPod/phone jack. I have a convertor plug to take the original iPhone connector (the wide one) to the new iPhone 5 connector thin one - lightning connector) and connect it to the cable in the glove box (that is connected to the DNX7180). I've also tried hooking up the lightning connector via the USB slot. Same result. No sound. Interestingly, all of the controls and visuals work, just no sound.

My old iPod/iPhone 4 works fine (wide connector), so I know it is not a disconnected cable.

If I want to play the music on my iPhone, I need to stream it via bluetooth. It works fine, but the external subwoofer that I have does not work when I stream music. When I stream music via bluetooth, no subwoofer does not produce sound.

A related problem is with Pandora. If I hook up the iPhone via cables, I can control Pandora thru the Kenwood. However, again no sound. I can stream Pandora from my iPhone via bluetooth, but the sub does not work.

In summary, 2 issues.

I can't get sound from the system with the iPhone 5 hooked up via cable (tho the graphics and controls work). I'm guessing it's some sort of lightning cable conversion issue.
I can't get the subwoofer to work when I stream music from a bluetooth device. I'm guessing it is a bluetooth profile issue.

Anyone one else having these problems? Any suggestions on how to rectify?

My wife calls these 'champaign problems', but they drive me crazy. We have a multi week road trip coming up and I'd like to have these corrected if possible.



2012 Airstream Interstate 3500 Extended Lounge
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Hmmm. The issue on the phone side was indeed the adaptor (30 pin to lightning). I took it back to Apple and got a replacement. All is fine now. The iPhone and Pandora work as they are supposed. The sub works also. Thanks for the suggestion boxster!

Jquayle, I'm running as a single zone. I played around with the zones and different settings, but no luck; the sub woofer does not work via Bluetooth. However, the phone/adaptor meets my needs now.

Bluetooth will be a battle for a different day....

- Kaylorsan

2012 Airstream Interstate 3500 EXT
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kenwood dnx7180

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