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Default Re: Mulege Morning

That is exactly what I am doing. Two spares, tire inflation kit, extra parts, and tools.

Originally Posted by 1hen2ducks View Post
Service in Baja ? I don't know of any particular place although there might be service in both Ensenada and/or La Paz for Mercedes and Sprinters as well. There are a lot of Mexican owned Sprinters driving the Baja highway.
I take my DAD and appropriate tools and go.

MRDI will probably have a clue.

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Default Re: Mulege Morning

Love the pictures ; we took Mom & Dad (70s) and 4 kids (14-22) to Mulege for Christmas 1996 and had the best holiday season of our lives . Got 5 hotel rooms in the middle of town for $20/night apiece; bet its gone up .
Be sure to get a guide (hopefully Salvador is still around and guiding ) and hike to the petroglyphs .
I am curious about the crowds. Beaches were full of camping rigs and pulapas all the way north to Santa Roselita and south to Bahia Concepcion in those days. Did you have to make an effort to get a picture that makes the place look so deserted or have the crowds been reduced?
We have been thinking of taking a trip there since buying our Sprinter and have wanted some currant intel on conditions.
Thanks a million; would be great to have more pictures (including some that show the extent of competition for beach space) and comments on conditions when you return .
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Default Re: Mulege Morning

Really enjoyed your pics, brings back good memories. A buddy and I stopped in Mulege on our way down to Cabo in our bikes (GSs). Liked the town, loved Bahia de Concepcion, it was deserted when we were there (Oct '09). I want to take my wife in the Sprinter there.

What kind of diesel fuel did you find? Mine is a 2008 Sprinter that needs ULSD. The fuel reports are all over the place.
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Default Re: Mulege Morning

Yes, fuel reports ARE all over the place.
It wasn't in my agenda to look for ULSD signs and I'm not sure I would believe them anyway.

Did I ever tell you about the time the gas chick put Unleaded gas into my labeled DIESEL fuel tank ?

Another time maybe, over a couple of Coronas.

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