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Default Re: My 2010 Euro5 NCV3 - The King is Dead. Long live the King.

Originally Posted by mean_in_green View Post
The basic bulkhead kit is aftermarket, normally comes with a glass load space window but I changed it to a solid trimmed one amongst a load of other "improvements" (read: ideas that took ages to make work...). Worth it though, and I love that it's not obvious from the outside.
Hi Simon,

I know it's been a while, but any chance you could point me to further details on this bulkhead (been searching, but no luck). I also now have to consider the family's transportation needs and really want to get a Sprinter again. My ideal is something similar to your layout, but in a MWB as I don't really need as much rear cargo area.

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Default Re: My 2010 Euro5 NCV3 - The King is Dead. Long live the King.

Originally Posted by mean_in_green View Post
Things that bothered me at the pre-order stage:

....Importantly I clarified the position with the front and rear hub PCDs and determined a sensible spare wheel solution for a SuSi...
Very informative write up and the first to include a picture that gives an insight into what's been done on the hub/axle side of things.

I have a 515 Luton that I want to downplate to a 415 so I can run super singles. It's about 3300Kg unladen so would still give me a payload of 1300Kg and if I am not mistaken I should save about 60-100Kg(?) by converting away from the twin wheel setup?

I took off my front wheel and my rear wheel(s) to get an idea of what's involved and I noticed I have the same hub adapters that you have that take the standard 6x130 hub up to accept 6x205 PCD rims. (I am guessing MB does that to keep costs down and be more flexible in build/construction.) I have them front and back obviously because of the single spare wheel on a 6 wheel set-up. You on the other hand seem to be using the 6x130PCD at the front without the big positive off-set rim/adapter combo.

The front adapters on mine I presume are the same as yours, however, your rear hub adapter is a lot longer to compensate for the offset. I was wondering if you can see a part number anywhere on there? Or do you know how long the adapter is and what your SuSi ET is?

Do you think instead of finding the adapter, I would be able to just use a SuSi rim (6.75x17.5 for example) with a big ET, just like the outside wheel on a twin wheel setup but without the inside one? I would obviously prefer the cast iron adapter as shown in the picture as it seems to extend the axle in a nice rigid manner.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Default Re: My 2010 Euro5 NCV3 - The King is Dead. Long live the King.

Hi there, the rear axle is like the 3.5 t one?
Only add a flagel and uprated springs?
Looking hearing from you.
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