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Default Oil. Is this the real deal or ?? Major bullet points and concerns

Re-post. Unfortunately we have a person here who's main purpose is to troll.

Okay so I am coming up on the my service B. I found an article by Tom Stephens about how the oil in the OM642 engines is wrong and a multitude of things and these engines are prone to failure. My trouble is I have a good friend with 4 sprinters. 2 Worker's and two cargo (1 4x4 heavy duty). He has almost 190k on each. No issues and he had freightliner doing the service at the service intervals. Used only shell diesel. I spoke to Tom and he knows his stuff and is extremely knowledgeable. He sent me more tech docs (in fact I put them into a single 326 page PDF) where he annotated everything. The info is alarming. Here are some bullet points. Tell your thoughts guys.

The turbo runs very hot in your sprinter. Your sprinter does what is called a regeneration process. This process raises the exhaust gas temperature to 1600F. Thatís right 1600F as oil is running through the motor. This breaks down the oil and turns it into sludge. This sludge gets into the turbo inlet ports and into the EGR system. Then you get blow by over the piston rings.

∑ You never know when the sprinter is it's DPF regeneration cycle. If you do a lot of stop and go which sounds like you do one of the worst things you can do is stop the regeneration process by shutting the vehicle down. The sprinter was designed for long hauls.

∑ The turbo is prone to failure and the only way FedEx was able to keeps theirs running was through a special deal they had in place for warranty with Mercedes. FedEx was going through about 6 turbos a year.

∑ Idling any diesel is also not good because you are not placing enough cylinder pressure in the blocks and you are creating blow by. This is a reason emergency vehicles had many issues because they would allow the vans to idle for long periods of time.

∑ Sprinters in Europe and military spec units have special water-cooled turbos and intercoolers. They never fail but you cannot get anything for civilian use.

∑ Since you have a 2016 your turbo is a heavy duty turbo by garrett and you can make it last by following the advice on oil change intervals, type of oil and the EGR delete.

∑ The fuel system and EGR system are some of the fatal flaws but can be fixed easily if you follow what I am telling you.

∑ In cold climate such as the Northeast you will have a lot of issues to come. It takes a full hour for the entire systems to warm up and the oxymoron is you canít idle it. You have to start and go and keep going!

∑ You said your MPG is 12-13. That is very low and there are a few ways to fix it. You said you are going to the MB dealer for a passenger air bag replacement. Tell them about your low fuel economy and the occasional odd rumbling start where you shut down the van and restart. This addressed in the latest ECU update. You may get push back but keep insisting and tell them to put on the work order they refuse to update the ecu software on the work order. If they said they updated tell them to put what version you had and what itís been updated too.

∑ Next to really bump your fuel economy and if you want no issues in the winter you must bypass the EGR emission control system. This is done by deleting the add blue system from the ECU. It is undetectable by the dealer and can be reversed easily however if you want it to work you will need to use an EGR delete kit. After this is done you will get the most MPG from your sprinter (close to 20-25MPG) and the system will never need to go through the regeneration process. You will not have to add def fuel ever again. The EGR delete blocks the EGR valve and you will not smell diesel exhaust and you will have no contamination of the emission control system. This is how RV sprinter owners keep their sprinters running for 3 to 400K! You also notice better engine performance, response because the turbo is running at peak efficiency.

∑ Diesel fuel can have water in it and what happens is this causes rust in the fuel tank. This rust releases metal particles that travel through the fuel lines, the fuel pump and clog the system. This is not covered any warranty and you should have a special provision in your insurance for it because it will total the sprinter. In order to avoid this you put 1 quart of marvel mystery to each tank of fuel and this stops the problem. Placing power magnets on the tank, the lines and fuel pump will ensure the metal rust pieces never clog the system. As diesel is stored in a tank on a hot day it is the condensation that build up and contaminates the fuel.

∑ You never go to 20K service intervals. You must use Amsoil 20/50 in the summer and then Amsoil 0/40 in the winter. In the summer every 5k change the oil and in the winter especially with stop and go change the oil every 3k. The Amsoil meets the correct API and ACEA specs. The Mobil ESP is only approved for gas engines and yet the dealer uses it. In the manual it states API and ACEA must by on the bottle. Ask MB to show you the label, they wonít. Then you will be in the waiting room calling MB customer service and have an argument that the dealer wonít put in the correct oil. Their response will be if you donít use what the dealer is telling you the warranty will be voided and if you are out of warranty, they will tell you to go somewhere else. Itís sickening but this is the automotive business. The incorrect oil and intervals being stretched is the number one failure of these engines.

∑ For your differential and crankcase you must use the red lubricant. Itís easy to change. If itís blue you will be in trouble and I suspect this is what caused your 4x4 to fail. Itís supposed to be more efficient. Itís not. Itís all EPA baloney and you are defeating the purpose of the oil which is to lubricate the system! Change the diff oil and I guarantee you will never have any issues with diff or crankcase.

∑ Use magnetic drain plugs period. If any metal particles happen to get into the system they stick to the plugs.

∑ Change your air filter! I have provided a true maint. Interval for your van.

∑ Since you have only 36k on the van you can reverse any piston issues and build up by flushing with the marvel mystery.
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