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2014 LTV Unity Murphy Bed
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Default Re: What else can fail?

Larry, I don't think that is the right one. You need to make sure you get the correct part#. See post #3, https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=65606 and 15, https://sprinter-source.com/forum/sh...t=65606&page=2. I believe after 2010 the seal changed color to black, https://www.idparts.com/sprinter-tur...51-p-6045.html. I believe Mikeme changed his maybe he can offer better information. I think there are some pitfalls in the replacement that you need to be aware of so you get it right the first time. Do your homework on this replacement, if not done correctly you'll be replacing your Turbocharger. I googled "Mercedes sprinter van turbo inlet seal" and got a bunch of thread references on this Forum. I also watched a bunch of YouTube videos. The biggest contributor to damaging the Turbo Inlet/Intake seal is changing out the fuel filter. It appears that was the driver to the Mercedes Service Bulletin, their service people were damaging it during the fuel filter replacements. The Mercedes Service people told me nothing I did could have caused my problem, "it was just a coincidence." After doing the research I'm not so sure, I guessing my lifting of the air filter cover was the straw that broke the seal's back so to speak! As Homicide Hunter Kenda says, There are no Coincidences!
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Default Re: What else can fail?

Originally Posted by imstilllarry View Post
Iíve had my air box off many times. I think itís time to install a new one before the dash light. Does this look right?

KIMISS Car Turbo Intake Seal & Engine Breather Seal Kit for OM642 Engines OE A6420... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R9S8LBG..._TC3YDbWRG9FMP

2014 UMB 2013 Sprinter 3500
Any time you change a critical component, get it from a vendor who knows how to check fitment against your VIN.

You likely use one of these seals


Why have you had your air box off so many times? have you changed the fuel filter?

If you plan to replace this seal as a DIY,

know that the seal needs to be inserted into the tube, and the combination placed on the turbo inlet. the torque value applied to the clamp is 3 NM

carefully examine the plastic intake hose for cracks and other issues. if in doubt, replace the tube as well, (which comes with the intake seal installed)

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Arrow Re: What else can fail?

We also had the turbo charger seal damaged by MB of Pleasanton Ca dealer / mechanic.
After driving only 200 miles away from the service by the dealer, we lost power.
We had to have van towed to Freightliner shop in Redding, CA. MB of Pleasant refused to send us a new Turbo Charger under warranty and not at all since they wanted to keep their spares for warranty work! I eventually found one at MB of Fairfield CA and had it shipped to Redding. A week later and $6K in service expenses and local housing we continued our trip to Alaska.
When we returned to CA I confronted MB of Pleasanton, CA and they refused to acknowledge of their mechanics failures and pay for the repairs! I contacted MB USA and they said it was up to the dealer to handle the replacement / repairs .. i.e. They would not get involved!

I will never by another MB product!

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Default Re: What else can fail?

I would take them to small claims court.
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Default Re: What else can fail?

Hey thanks for the good information. I think on this one Iíll take the old seal into a parts store to make sure that I get the right part and high-quality that I might not get online.

This is a perfect example of where we can spend an ounce of prevention to save a huge problem in the future. What I love about this forum is the awareness it provides me about these issues. Most of these seem kind of overwhelming until you tear it apart and look at it and realize itís pretty simple.

I for one donít want to have anything to do with the dealers. My experiences while under warranty were disappointing. If I have something I donít want to do Iíll find a diesel shop that has good recommendations and the electronic equipment to do the ďlearn inĒ process.

The reason I pulled the airbox was twice to change the fuel filter, once to remove a rats nest, and other just for exploration and clean up.

Thanks for the help. Iíll post the part number when I find I seal. I think this might be one of those items to carry with me like a fuel filter.

2014 UMB 2013 Sprinter 3500
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