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Default Re: Replacing GFCI / residual current interrupter

Hi Aqua Puttana-- In the past I have been checking everything with the onboard generator running, but today I tried running it off of shore power and nothing changed (ground and neutral are still separate). I'm still not sure if I have wired the GFI correctly. The top two wires going into the old GFI were switched (yellow on the left and black on the right) and my plug-in tester told me that the hot and neutral were reversed. So I switched the top two wires in the new GFI (as in the current photo, attached). Do you (or anyone else) have an idea of how this is supposed to be wired? Does anyone have a photo of a similar set up?

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Default Re: Replacing GFCI / residual current interrupter

Not that this is of much consolation, but ours does not trip when pressing the test button either.....
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