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Default Re: Fan in bathroom

I noticed a typo - I meant DPDT switch.
Also - I should have mentioned - there is a hole in the ceiling of the overhead compartment where the wires for the light tie into the harness that is concealed by the plastic wiring tray. I routed my wires through the same hole.
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Default Re: Fan in bathroom

For those of you, who has Fantastic fan installed in the bathrooms - here is a word of caution.
If you have 6000-series model and decided to replace the base - make sure you know what base style you have.
Our Fantastic fan had a crack in the base and we decided to replace it.
Atwood sent us the new base , the fan fit perfectly, but when it came time to place it back in the roof - it was almost falling through the hole!!!
It was almost 2" shorter than the original base!
It took a while going back and forth with Atwood. Long story short - apparently our base/ fan is "Euro-style" and they don't make those anymore. In the whole customer service department there was only one guy who figured it out (if you have to call - ask for Jerry)
Not sure if Atwood ended up making the right base or ordering it somewhere, but we got the whole unit with the right base.
The difference between fans they sell now and the "euro-style" base we have - the later has depression (I think thats how it called in English) between the fan and the lip where the screws go.
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Default Re: Fan in bathroom

Our Westies came with a midi-Heki? Bathroom opening vent.

Thanks to some Westy innovators here, they discovered the original European hole in the roof is about 16" x 16" while the typical American hole for vents is 14" x 14".

Then, these great folks discovered a source of Fantastic Fans with a larger framework to fit the larger European size: http://rvvent.com/index2.htm


Look for EuroVents at $48 more. Basically a larger framework while the Fantastic Fan motor/inners look the same as other Fantastic Fans.

The latest versions of the Fantastic Fan have even more bells and whistles, so might be worthwhile to upgrade for some. For example, an interior accessible removable fan for easy cleaning (mine is a pain to clean).

I did not see whether Fantastic Fan had developed a clamp-style Euro size versus the screws version (the original Westfalia vent was clamped so no screwholes into fiberglass top and interior ceiling).

The Europeans do have a motorized fan option made by Fiamma which would fit a 16" x 16" opening.
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Default Re: Fan in bathroom

Having any sort of fan in the bathroom skylight rocks; once of our favorite uses is to hang our swimsuits and beach towels on the clothesline, leave the bathroom door open just a half inch or so, and crank the fan speed up. The cracked door creates a high velocity breeze that dries the towels in the short time it takes us to drive back from the lake...

And the low speed setting is great for keeping the van cool when we're out somewhere for the whole day.

Very clever adaptation. I installed the FF European model a few years ago.
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Default Re: Fan in bathroom

Originally Posted by OldWest View Post

The Fantastic Fan (or any fan) in that bathroom is one of the better mods, I feel. (Other favorite mod is the bench back tilt for access to behind rear seat.)
@oldwest any idea where I can find the bench seat tilt mod? Thanks!
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Default Re: Fan in bathroom

See new thread.

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Default Re: Fan in bathroom

Here is another off-the-shelf fan which can be used in the bathroom vent or (if it works in another position) upper bunk window side vents without modifying the existing windows. While not as powerful as a Fantastic Fan, the smaller size might be preferable for folks (especially if used in the upper vent windows).

Also, if it works vertically, it might fit a retrofit original Sprinter half-slider window replacement of the large awning window or the sliding door window.


RV Roof Fan, Motorhome Window Roof Fan, Camper Van Roof Mounting Fan, 12V DC Ventilator Wohnmobil, Doppellüfter Für Dachfenster

Multi-Purpose roof window double fan is equipped with TITAN exclusive 9-blades silent fan and the function of reversible airflow to ventilate and cool various spaces such as motorhome, travel truck, houses, cabinets, and so on.

With stepless panel of fan and 6-levels speed setting, it is easy to switch flow direction, draw fresh air in or exhaust out, and select the comfort speed as your will. Allow you to quickly heat transfer and ventilate circulation. By 12V DC current and 280CMF airflow amount, this roof window fan can increase over 80% flow efficiency of room, toilet, kitchen in your motorhome.

Moreover, roof window can be closed or opened without dismounting the double fan. The thickness of fan is only 34mm, it can fit for roof window filters without dismounting.

Ideal for all 380 -550mm roof vent window for motorhome, camper van, travel trailer, or truck
Roof window can be closed or opened without dismounting the double fan
Manually reverse airflow direction design, allowing push hot air out from inside and draw in fresh air from outside.
Equipped ith strong airflow of 280 CFM by two 140mm fans, it can quickly push hot air out to regulate and enhance ventilation inside

With the stapleless panel, easily monitor and balance cooling performance and silent operation.
Take TITAN professional 9-blades kukri silent fan, this multi-purpose fan or fridge vent fan provides you the quietest operation experience without being disturbed
Motorhome /RV roof top window ventilation fan
Motorhome /RV bathroom window ventilation fan
DIY ventilation fan
Cabinet ventilation fan

Outline Dimension: 320 x156 x34mm
Fan Dimension: 140 x140 x25mm*2
Rated Voltage: 12V DC
Rated Current: 1A
Power Consumption: 12W
Rated Speed: 600-~2200 RPM
Airflow: 280 CFM
Static Pressure: 1.0 Inch H₂O
Noise Level: 32 dBA
Bearing Type: Z-AXIS
Life Time: 60,000 Hours
Cable length: 6M
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