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Default Mod: Tilting Rear Seatback

This thread is in response to a query.

Other posters can please correct this information.

A former Westy owner and MacArthur Genius Grant Recipient figured out the modification, but DO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

CAUTION: Also, probably NOT a good idea if have passengers using the rear seat.

Westfalia designed and made a very massive framework for the rear seat. No idea why they did NOT design a tilt feature for easier access to rear storage area.

Modification: Removal of Bolts

As I remember it: The modification is removing six bolts from the bench seat (three bolts on each side).

Slide the bench seat forward for access to the hinge bracket on each side.

If you look at the bottom corner of the seatback (looking from behind the bench seat), you will see two bolts screwed through the hinge bracket into the back of the seat.

There is a third bolt which goes through the same hinge bracket and into the side of the back (bottom of side where armrest is attached). You may have to move seat fabric a bit.

Remove all three bolts on each side.

The seatback should then tilt forward. I don't remember how, but the seatback is still attached to the bracket.


1. NO passengers in rear seat.

2. Keep seatbelts in place when driving. (Also, do NOT store detached seatbelts behind the headrest.)

3. Don't store anything too heavy behind rear seat.

4. Locking Mechanisms

There was some discussion of designing a locking mechanism to lock the seatback in place.

One idea was a chained removable pin which would insert into the side of the seatback, through the bracket (third bolt replacement).

Another idea was a sliding mechanism on the rear which would lock onto a bolt going through the seatback and the hinge bracket.

I don't know if anyone has done something like that.

5. Cargo Net

Use a cargo net to cover opening behind rear seat.


Please post whatever you do or create. Thanks.

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