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Aqua Puttana
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Default Re: Will the Coronavirus purge the planet?


Originally Posted by Aqua Puttana View Post
I've seen reports that people who have recovered from the Corona Virus can still shed the virus in their saliva for some time afterward. A study of the infection in Germany shows that the virus can be passed from people who are asymptomatic.
Today Feb. 14, 2020 I saw where the Germany case information has since been modified. It turns out that the woman from China who was reported as asymptomatic did indeed have symptoms, and was on medication. So that particular "proof" of spreading the virus while asymptomatic has been refuted. That doesn't mean that there is no virus shed prior to having symptoms though.


It is so early in the research... better information will trickle out in time.

Info is at approx. 4 minutes.

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Default Re: Will the Coronavirus purge the planet?

According to this, Asian men are at the highest risk?

As of February 4, there are over 1,000 times more coronavirus cases in China than outside of it, and the foreign cases appear to be ethnically Chinese where reported. This is not a coincidence – a recent scientific paper revealed the enzyme which serves as a receptor for novel coronavirus is produced by a certain type of lung cell found in “extremely large numbers” in Asian men compared to those of other ethnicities. Even more intriguingly, those lung cells are involved in the expression of “many other genes that positively regulating [sic] viral reproduction and transmission.” The paper’s authors stop short of suggesting the virus came out of a lab, instead drily observing that it seems to have “cleverly evolved to hijack this population of [lung] cells for its reproduction and transmission,” but one man’s clever viral evolution is another’s expert bioweapon development.

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Default Re: Will the Coronavirus purge the planet?

Ice Age Farmer

A 2015 Soros-funded think tank predicted a 2020 breakdown of the global food supply following an outbreak -- just as Bill Gates' 2019 "event 201" simulated a global pandemic. Why are multiple billionaires been speaking to outbreaks and food insecurity in 2020? Because Agenda 21/2030 isn't just a name: it's a war on all of us, and it has gone HOT.

FULL SHOW NOTES: http://www.iceagefarmer.com/2020/02/1...

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Science - Here are the facts, now what conclusions can we draw from them?

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Default Re: Will the Coronavirus purge the planet?


Well, some of you know where I'm currently located. It's not a pretty sight here at this time, especailly at the harbor's. And, as many of you know, the 2020 Olympic Games are being held here this summer (officially begins July, butů), so just imagine.

The airline industry is anticipating Fifty-seven (that's 57) million "additional" flights for the area as a result.

The U.S. has a HUGE responsibility here.

Wish me/us "luck". "Luck", as it's all a crap shoot now.
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Default Re: Will the Coronavirus purge the planet?

and it IS man-made.
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