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Default Oil in Coolant, No Coolant in Oil

First time posting here, hello everybody. I have a 2006 2500 2.7 $printer. I have been very diligent in maintaining it. When I bought it there were 0 maintenance records - buyer beware so to speak. I've replaced everything that can be replaced except for the engine and the transmission. The latest debacle is an oil slick in the coolant with no loss of oil on the dipstick. The oil cooler went out July 16th (today is Aug 7th), had it replaced, engine flushed three times, steamed out the header tank on the radiator, removed the hoses and cleaned them out. Everything's hunky dory. I took a load to Boise from Los Angeles, on the way up at 2:30am on Hwy 360 in NV at 7300+ feet elevation I had a loss of power. Step on the gas, nothing and speed continued to decrease. Luckily it is downhill for 5 miles to NV Hwy 95. I put the tranny in neutral, the engine shuts down and all the lights come on. I coast to the stop sign at Hwy 95, pop the hood and the upper rad hose had come off! Put hose back on in the moonlight and while having a heart attack, don't have but 1 qt blue coolant, get towed at sunrise into Hawthorne, Nv, add coolant, go on my merry way. Run to Boise, turn around, added 1 qt oil to bring level up to full, head home. Get to East LA, no downshifting and can't get above 61mph. Limp home to Long Beach, come here, find out about EGR issues. Van goes back in shop on Jul 29th, get free oil change from upper rad hose failure, dealer has EGR for $675. Borrow friends truck drive to Europarts SD, Steve has EGR + seal + tax for $450.29. Drive back up, install EGR, massive oil slick in coolant, drain, flushed coolant system and hoses again, drive home. Since then I have had to suck oil sludge out of my coolant reservoir everyday. I am replacing the loss with water hoping that someday in the very near future this daily chore will come to an end. What is going on in my engine where the oil is in the coolant, but no coolant is in the oil? Is there a deposit of oil sitting somewhere in the engine that when it heats up it flows freely into the coolant? The mechanic says he flushed the system from the lowest point on the back bottom side of the engine.

Sorry for the length, but I had to include the Boise part. Also just the night of the 5th I drove to Santa Cruz, popped the rad cap off, did a mini-flush of sludge from the reservoir, and continued on back to Long Beach. The van runs great like nothing is wrong, but yesterday I sucked out 3/4 gallon of sludge/coolant... help!!
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Default Re: Oil in Coolant, No Coolant in Oil

It looks like the oil cooler was replaced with a second hand unit and it is leaking. When the hose came of and you lost power did the low coolant light come on? Normally when you loose water and keep driving your motor is cooked. The loss of power is the pistons seizing in the bore. You could fit another oil cooler and hope but I would not be confident about the motor. Eric.
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Default Re: Oil in Coolant, No Coolant in Oil

I'm assuming it was a brand new oil cooler. Remember I'm not loosing any oil according to the dipstick readings, plus I've driven to Boise, Idaho and back to LA, up to Fremont and back, up to Santa Cruz and back, and just got back last night from San Jose to LA, and the van runs like it's right off the showroom floor. So that is at least 3100 miles (5000 km's). It just has an oil slick in the coolant. As far as the low coolant light coming on, it may have, it was 2:30am, pitch black of course, and I'm on a winding mountain two lane road trying to keep my wits about me, so I'm not 100% sure about that. Luckily it was all downhill after the engine shut down. Of course the headlights drained the battery by the time I got to the bottom, but it had recovered by the time the tow truck arrived. I spoke with a Mercedes shop foreman, he says he once bought a '95 something or other and that it took 7 or 8 flushes to get the residual oil out. I'm at 5 flushes, and do the vacuum suck out every day trying to get what I can. It seems like this is normal after an oil cooler change, but it really shouldn't be normal if you ask me.
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