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Default Help! Loss of power

I have a 2008 Winnebago View, on a Sprinter 3500 with 3.0 engine. Everything was fine when I parked a few months for the winter. Took it out for first time, and sounds like it went into Limp Home mode. No power. I pulled over, put in neutral, and could rev the engine just fine. But no power, when back in gear. Check Engine light was on all the time.
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Default Re: Help! Loss of power

Possibly either loss of turbo (due to air leak), or the Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor is reporting whacko numbers (i.e. far too hot).

Having something like a ScanGauge or UltraDAQ (can read P-code error message, can directly report IAT numbers) helps lots.
Most auto parts stores have "loaner" scanners which you can use in their parking lot ... although Sprinters confuse them, it can give a hint about the Check Engine light. (but also can be quite misleading ... so return with what brand of scanner gave what report .. and include the number "P1010" as well as the scanner's guess about what it meant)

An Autel 802 all-systems or an Autel 808 would give a solid answer.

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egr valve, loss of power, turbo resonator

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