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Default Re: Fans and Ventilation

Odd, my 2014 144" EASILY fits 200w solar and 2 Fantastic vents, 1 powered, 1 static.

Picking up a 2018 144" in 10 days or so. One of the biggest changes between the 2 vans is ventilation! We use the van as a bike/ski/climb/water sport camper, spending most of the summer living out of the van in Southern BC. Temps from -20F skiing in AK (home) to +100F in the summers. We frequently leave a dog in the van during summer outings, so keeping cool inside is SUPER important to us! I also sleep hot, so like a cool (AND QUIET!) van at night.

In van #2 we are doing 2 POWERED MaxxAir 7500k fans. This will allow us to run 1 fan on a low setting intake and the other on a low setting exhaust. Moving lots of air SUPER quietly. Other friends have this set-up and I am super jelly! I can hardly hear the fan at a setting of 1 or 2.

We have HATED the Fantastic fans. Great customer service (unfortunately we've needed it!), but we NEED the van to be operational during rain. We don't want a rain sensor to automatically close the vent during rain. No. The dog wants ventilation regardless of whether it is raining or not! Power setting 1 on our Fantastic is even pretty loud. Bearing's don't seem to be the best, though they swapped a motor out for us at no charge.

Best of luck, enjoy the van!
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Aqua Puttana
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Default Re: Fans and Ventilation

Originally Posted by Aqua Puttana View Post

My hack for someone borrowing the van tomorrow is to run a small 120 volt fan that we use for camping. My hope is for the 200 watt cheapy dirty output inverter to power it. More news to follow. With pictures if it works.

The fan hack apparently works.

So far it was only a 10 minute run test powered by a cheapy 200 watt inverter. The inverter wasn't overly warm. The fan seemed to run just fine.

It worked fairly well. Mid 80F ambient. Front windows and 14" roof vent fully opened. 9 basketball humans aboard. All survived.


One advantage is that the 120 volt extension cord doesn't have much voltage drop.

The head rest twin fan is on the way from Amazon. Even with that in hand, I will have the additional option of the inverter powered 120 volt van camping fan.

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Old Crows
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Default Re: Fans and Ventilation

Originally Posted by HighPockets View Post
Has anyone in the deep south ever gotten by without AC and been satisfied? 95 with 50 or more percent humidity is miserable.

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Default Re: Fans and Ventilation

I use this 120v powered fan from Rowenta https://www.rowentausa.com/HOME-COMF...0/p/1830005535 It is the ROWENTA TURBO SILENCE TABLE FAN VU2530.

Hooked up to my Goal ZeroYeti 1000 battery which has a pure sine wave inverter. I tried the van with a non pure sine wave inverter, and the fan made a terrible humming noise - meaning that it didn't like the dirty power being fed to it.

I got it on sale at Costco a few years ago for about CAD$50. It's stored in a box while we drive, and then I place it on the countertop while we sleep - usually set on low. It draws very little power.

I don't have any roof vents except for my Flettner wind powered vent. In very hot days, even with the fan on, it is hot. Not too fun, but living in the Pacific North West it stays cool most of the year anyway, especially in the mountains where we like to visit.
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Default Re: Fans and Ventilation

Why wouldn't you use a 12V fan?

Just because you **have** an inverter diesn't mean you should use it unnecessarily, just wasting lots of very limited power.
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Default Re: Fans and Ventilation

Originally Posted by Payton48 View Post
On a 144? Which Renogy panels are you using?

Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
100w Monocrystaline Panels.. nothing crazy.

4000K mounted up front and the 5100K mounted in the back with both panels going horizontal between the two fans.

We even have room up front for a 3rd 100w if ever needed.
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Default Re: Fans and Ventilation

Anyone have alternatives to MaxxAir or Fantastic?

After looking at them online and reading the amazon reviews I don't love the idea of shelling out $225 for a single fan that seems like it was quite cheaply made.

Any suggestions are appreciated!
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Default Re: Fans and Ventilation

Nope, they're the best, unless you go Marine, which are a lot more expensive and not necessarily longer lived.

The motor and control circuitry are more critical to that than the housing.

Anything but plastic would consume way too much power.

If you want cheap, rig your own with quiet PC fans, but you won't get the high CFM,

the high CFM ones are very noisy. And then you need to figure the PWM variable control, secure mounting etc.
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144'', fan, vent, venting

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