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Default Re: Sprinter Electrician near Seattle

Can't help with finding a good Sprinter electrician, however;
MB makes a kit to add a second battery.

I have a 2013 with the vehicle battery mounted under the floor in front of the drivers seat.

I ordered the parts to mount an RV battery under the hood in the engine compartment where the vehicle battery was mounted in prior years.

I ordered battery cut off relay (MB part number A 002 542 40 19) and installed it under the drivers seat according to directions found in the Sprinter Sales and Engineering document titled "Aux Battery Retrofit Guideline (MY '07 - "13)"

This document provides good clear instructions for how and where to mount the relay and where to make connections.

I have it wired up thru a center off rocker switch that allows me to select completely disconnected (center off), rocker down to charge house batt from alternator and rocker up to put both batts in parallel to allow jump starting the van from the house battery.

In the rocker down mode the house battery is disconnected from the vehicle battery unless the engine is running. As soon as the engine is running the relay is energized and the house battery is in parallel with the vehicle battery but until the engine is actually running, the batteries are separate. All connections are identified and shown in the guideline I referenced above.

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Default Re: Sprinter Electrician near Seattle

Originally Posted by pworthington View Post

Would love to see your setup. Anything helps! Thanks

PM Me or email kktice*at*earthlink.net.

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alternator, aux battery, electrician

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