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Default Sprinter 2005, 313 fuel issue?

Hi guys, my van broke down on the motor way the other day, not long after changing the injectors. When you spray easy start into the air intake it keeps running- as soon as you stop spraying the engine turns off. So obviously it's a fuel issue.

How can you tell if it's the High Pressure pump or low Pressure pump? Or the fuel sensor on the end of the fuel rail?

When I put a pressure gauge onto the fuel rail there was only a little pressure but would there need to be fuel in the rail for the high pressure pump to work?

Equally when I took the feed pipe off the fuel filter and turned the van over there was no fuel coming out but would the engine need to be running for the pump to work?

One last thing- a guy came out the other day to drill out a snapped injector bolt and he fitted new ones. When the van broke down the other day a took the injectors out and found there was some small filings on the injectors tip. So some metal must off gone into the combustion chamber. How bad is this? will the metal just get blown out of the exhaust?

Thanks for your help!
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Default Re: Sprinter 2005, 313 fuel issue?

Does yours have clear fuel lines? If bubbles can be seen there may be a leak at the fuel filter. Some have a pump in the tank, some @ engine, and fuel is needed for both pumps to work.

Metal in the intake is not good and may get forced into the rings
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Default Re: Sprinter 2005, 313 fuel issue?

Air leaking into the fuel line is the most likely problem. The system works by suction from the tank to the low pressure pump, but any fuel not used is sent back to the tank via the filter. If you open any lines the system will stop because of the introduced air so taking the line of the filter will kill it. Make shore you use the correct hose clamps and also the small pipes on the top of the injectors must not leak from the hose or from the O rings in the injector tops. Eric.
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fuel injection system, fuel pump, sprinter 2005

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