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Question EGR or DPF - Death by driving style.

Driving style. 2008 NCV3 144

So am I suppose to choose which one I want to replace based on how hard I drive ?

If I drive slow, take my time from stop lights and stay around 60 ... the EGR valve will never open but I will clog the DPF ?

If I drive like it's stolen than the DPF will burn all the crud out but it will shorten the EGR valve ?

I am researching around to figure out where to stop gases for entering the EGR system. Some bolt in a metal plug. Any suggestions ?

Happy Holidays!
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Rob S
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Default Re: EGR or DPF - Death by driving style.

Apparently, if you purchase green diesel engineering "eco-tune" for your vehicle, both EGR and the sometimes troublesome slide valve is eliminated from the computer, thus will never function. Only available for 2007-2009.

Engine runs cleaner, so less soot in dpf, and you can drive however you feel like, within legal limits.

Sounds good, however I have not bought it yet, so can't confirm personally. Definitely on my Christmas wish list!!!!


Anyone who has is invited to jump in here and report their results
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Default Re: EGR or DPF - Death by driving style.

You cannot simply plug the EGR system, the ECU will detect the lack of EGR gas flow and generate fault codes and may even place the drivetrain in a limited power mode until the problem (as the ECU sees it) is rectified. If you want to disable EGR you will need a custom tune.

The EGR and DPF systems are engineered to be self-cleaning (to the extent practical) and do not mandate the driver use a particular driving pattern. However in general you should avoid extended idling and intentionally babying the engine and if you are in an unusual vehicle application where you rarely see freeway or high-load conditions then it is probably a good idea to make an effort to operate the engine under load once in a while. Beyond that, drive the vehicle normally and let the systems work as designed. In general you should not expect any problems or maintenance requirements other than perhaps a manual cleaning of the EGR valve every 20-40k miles. This only takes about half an hour.


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Default Re: EGR or DPF - Death by driving style.

YMMV..... Never had any sort of issue with the EGR/DPF/SCR systems in my NCV3 Sprinters.
Try to get the RPM up into the most powerful/best economy mode a few times a day.
This has proven to be less important with the 2014 OM-651 I4 2.143 liter with 2 stage turbocharging.
For the OM-651 it's still a good idea to "jump on it" a few times a day and get the shift points in the
7 speed (7G-Tronic) transmission up above 3,000 RPM.
It's far more critical in the 2007-2014 OM-642 3.0 Liter V6.
Get the RPM, under full load, to > 3200 RPM a few times a day by simply using the throttle pedal to
get the shift point up above 3k RPM.
You can initiate an auto upshift by easing off the throttle slightly (just enough to get the trans to shift.
No need to "back off" the throttle....just lighten the pressure on the pedal.
It's also important with the 2002-2006 OM-612/647 2.7 liter I5 engines.
What you are doing is letting the entire engine "breathe", by developing maximum flow rates in the intake/induction
and exhaust systems.
Max. flow rates will cause depositions of liquids and combustion by products to be blown out by the max. flow rates,
create higher temps in the exhaust and DPF to get them to regenerate correctly, and just get the overall engine temps
Many will say this is not necessary....maybe it is....maybe it's not, but since there has never been an issue
(for me anyway) with any of these systems driving in a manner that creates maximum flow in/out of your Sprinter's
engine I feel that over all this practice will prove beneficial.
Hope this helps,
2019 Sprinter 519/907/VS30 series (3500 DRW) 170"/4325 mm wb Hi Top Short Back
OM-642 3.0 liter V6/7G-Tronic, 7 Speed manually shift-able transmission.
Suspension Seats, Active Safety Package +, Parktronic, OEM Hitch/wiring
OEM back up camera, LED light package, fog lamps,
Had 2014 516 OM-651 I4/7G-Tronic|2010 NCV3 519/3500/144|2011 & 2012 NCV3 519/3500 170
2006 T1N 3500/158

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Default Re: EGR or DPF - Death by driving style.

DPF issues with less 100,000 miles seem to be rare at least as reported here.
EGR issues seem common but random at all mileage, local and driving styles as report on several other postings. Some have no issues and others 2 or 3 in 25,000 miles. Personally I was good until 25,000, the issues started.

I think inconsistent fuel quality in the US market has much more to do with EGR issues. The driver has little options when dealing with fuel quality other than sticking with a brand ( but brands are often the same fuel and do not publish quality standards ).

DPF issues are certainly linked to type of oil used over time. ( wrong oil being the issue (ash)

As far as your conclusion that feather footing the throttle stops or limits the EGR flow may not be accurate or true. It is true higher loads and higher combustion temps demand more EGR. EGR gases are metered with a relation to throttle opening and there is likely not a point where it abruptly start and stops.

MB does not have the market cornered on EGR issues ..........it has become industry issue for years.
2008 3500 chassis Class C built in 2010
Pulling 6x12 enclosed trailer

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Not Suitable w/220v Gen
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Default Re: EGR or DPF - Death by driving style.

Originally Posted by showkey View Post
I think inconsistent fuel quality in the US market has much more to do with EGR issues. The driver has little options when dealing with fuel quality other than sticking with a brand ( but brands are often the same fuel and do not publish quality standards ).
I agree with showkey on the inconsistent fuel quality. On the part about "brand," I'm not so sure. Why? I saw the same fuel truck dump the same fuel into a Chevron station and a Shell station. I've since seen this several times; the same fuel going into two or more "branded" stations.

Petroleum jobbers will go to great lengths to get the contract to fill a station and they're not above crossing "brands."

2007 F/Liner 2500 Cargo Van, 144" WB, 3.92 Rear Axle Ratio, Buttons on the Steering Wheel, Contractor Package, Heated glass and seats, no spark plugs or windows in the cargo bay.

US Tech info: http://www.sprintertekinfo.com
US Parts info: http://epc.startekinfo.com (Subscribe to world passenger car and light transport)

Americans may learn to use MB technical resources and parts information here:
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dpf modification, egr valve

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