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Default Code p0263

Hello everyone. I have yet to post on here but today is the day. I have a 2005 dodge sprinter 3500 with 264000 miles. I am using it to travel with. It is from Wisconsin and has some rust. So recently there has been a slew of problems with over heating and the engine. Every time I go up hill for an extended time the engine will start to over heat. On wolf creek pass I could not exceed 15 mph at the top. It never got i to the red zone but it was not happy. I stopped and let it cool off but struggled still to get to the top. After getting to the top and coming down the temp immediately drops and this is for all hills or passes. I have had a new thermostat housing and stat replaced. Had a radiator flush and cleaning done. The problem continued and now I am having tranny fluid leak from the cooling lines. So I am having a shop replace the radiator, water pump, fan clutch, and all hoses. This should take care of the problem. What I am actually looking for help with is code p0263. I have had Injector 1 replaced along with a new glow plug module. After this the van started to run funny. It has been lacking power for a while but now untill it gets to running temp the van misfires and sound rough. There is also white smoke coming from the tailpipe. The smoke appears when I am accelerating and just when I start the van up and hit the gas a bit. One thing is I have a broken #4 glow plug which I am getting fixed October first here in colorado. I have had the #2 glow plug drilled out and an insert was added. I haven't had any problems with #2 but obviously # 4 shows that it is not connected. So what my mechanic is saying is that there could be a piston or valve or some sort of expensive repair that needs to be done.....he says injector 1 is fine. He tested it he says. So what I am wondering is what problems could code p0263 amount to? What should I have done/tested? Should InBev concerned about the white smoke i see appon statting the van and accelerating? Also the jerky feel and sound the van makes untill it comes up to running temp? Amy ideas would be great.

Thanks so much!!! I am grateful for this forum/site.

One other quick question. I feel like whenever I try to fix something on this van it breaks...does this happen to anyone else? I feel like I can not get it right. I love to fix things but I hate breaking them more....for instance the glow plugs. #2 and 4 broke. They had never been changed though from 2005 to 2018. And also the temp sensor broke from corrosion. Seems like it is always a disaster. Oh and the oil filter housing broke too.

Anyways thanks everyone in advance.

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Default Re: Code p0263

The mechanic cannot test the injector installed. White Smoke can be a sign of a damaged cylinder, or damaged /over fueling injector. Misfiring and rough running is also a symptom of injector failure. Note that injector failure can destroy the engine so drive at your own risk.
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