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Default Mechanic shop in montreal or knowledgeable person for diagnostic

I have a dodge sprinter 2006
My front end makes some kind squeak noise, Iím not sure where itís coming from, I think it might be some bushing cause when it rains the noise stop for a day or two. So I think the water is easing some friction in the sway bar bushing.
It has also started rattling in the front, Iím not very familiar of this design of front end, so itís hard for me to point out where the noise come from...

So Iím looking for a good mechanic shop in montreal, someplace that will not try to rip me off

Or better would be someone that could diagnose the problem for me in exchange of $$ so I could decide if I do it myself or go to the shop

I will be soon be finish with my conversion and I would really like to fix that problem before I load it with all my gears

Thanks in advance ;)
2006 Dodge sprinter
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