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Vanzer Pagen
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Default Need a reasonable body shop in SoCal (OC)

Got a dent on the roof and rear door upper frame from (add excuse here). Thought I could live with it but can't.
Has anyone from SoCal found a decent body shop that doesn't charge out the wazoo? Probably paying for it out of pocket.
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Default Re: Need a reasonable body shop in SoCal (OC)

Well why not scoot south to Mexico.
Less than a day's drive for you to say Ensenares & avoid the border towns like Tijuana and the crowds ?

This business Carroceria Sammy has a 5 star rating and the customer comments are positive.

Why not given them a jingle and send some photos of the repair area .

If I was a bit closer to the border this where I would be sub-contracting out for all my bodywork/collision & paint. "Mexico" in short.
Plus the food is good and the locals always have smile on their faces. Plus give us all more excuses to mix with our neighbors .


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