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Default Re: New Sprinter owner - need your advise!

Do it, best 2 days ive spent in a long time, i turned up in GA at 2pm, uber'd to the auction, jumped in and drove it 2638 miles home stopping a few times at Loves for a kip, got caught out with DEF, had balding tires and a TPMS valve barely hanging in by its thread, got back in a little more than 2 days and loved every minute of it, now if the wife and Kids would of come along im sure it would of been a different tale. - If i could do it again i would buy a programmer , get rid of the 82mph limiter - being overtaken by semis at 1am isnt fun on the 40.
I did the fluids both up top and underneath when i got home and the tires, then the suspension, then the rack and ladder, then the wrap, then the 9" upfront and now ready to play with the inside and for some reason im wasting so much time and drinking to much beer stairing at the 144 inside and working out what goes where and why it will go there.
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Default Re: New Sprinter owner - need your advise!

Go for it!!!
Be c careful what you read here, some articles can be very miss leading>>>>>
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Default Re: New Sprinter owner - need your advise!

Don't know which tranny you will have, but this thread bears close reading prior to driving your first diesel...if it has the 5-speed automatic:

Be safe!
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