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Default Little Help here understanding chasse?

While waiting for our new 2020 MB Sprinter VAN RV. I was informed it may be on a 2019 Chassis, but will be 2020?

It will have a sliding door and all safety, but maybe lights may not be LED. So who can help me here understand what their talking about?

I do understand when an up-fitter completes his remodeling he can call it 2020.

So is this a true 2020 or not?
A 3500 or 4500?
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Default Re: Little Help here understanding chasse?

The Sprinter's VIN (the one you see through the windshield) will have MB's idea of what year it is.
That's the one your state will use for the registration.

If the RV builder can provide your VIN, you can look it up on the various "datacard" sites to see what MB put into it.

http://carinfo.kiev.ua/cars/vin/mercedes/vin_check <--datacards
https://www.vindecoderz.com/EN/Mercedes-Benz <-- datacards
https://www.datamb.com/ <-- datacards
https://www.mbdecoder.com/decode/WD4FF0CD2KT011953 <-- datacards (put your VIN into the URL)

The 10th character of the VIN is the MB model year.
After 2009, it became a letter (A=2010, B=2011, C=2012 ....)
I think K=2019 (they may have skipped "I")
Vehicles built in August and Sept 2018 had "K" in their VINs.

2005 T1N 118" Freightliner 2500 Passenger Wagon (2.7L, 15" tires, standard (short) roof)
Get YOUR Sprinter's full configuration datacard by entering your VIN to https://www.datamb.com/
http://diysprinter.co.uk/reference <-- lots of service documentation, Thanks to Jens Moller and Arnie_Oli
((as always: this post may go through a couple of post-posting edits... so maybe give it ten minutes before commenting))

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